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Federal Procurement Report Print

The Federal Procurement Report data can be used for geographical analysis, market analysis, and analysis of the impact of the congressional and presidential initiatives in soio - economic areas such as small business. The data is also a reliable basis for measuring and assessing the impact of Federal acquisition policy and management improvement.

Top 100 Contractors Report Print

The top 100 contractors Report contains an individual report across federal government wide data and reports by Department.

Fiscal Year 2014 v3 excel
Fiscal Year 2013 excel
Fiscal Year 2012 excel
Fiscal Year 2011 excel
Fiscal Year 2010 excel
Fiscal Year 2009 excel
Fiscal Year 2008 excel
Fiscal Year 2007 excel
Fiscal Year 2006 excel

Small Business Goaling Report Print

A Department level report that displays Small Business data for a specified date range by Funding/Contracting Agency.

Fiscal Year 2014 pdf
Fiscal Year 2013 pdf
Fiscal Year 2012 pdf
Fiscal Year 2011 pdf
Fiscal Year 2010 pdf
Fiscal Year 2009 pdf
Fiscal Year 2008 pdf
Fiscal Year 2007 pdf
Fiscal Year 2006 pdf
Fiscal Year 2005 pdf