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Where can I find all the data elements in the atom feed?

Here are the URLs that show the data elements in the data feed for different versions.

How do we fetch deleted contracts?

The URL below will fetch the deleted contracts.

Would pulling thousands of records at a time be a problem for the atom feed?

Pulling 10K records per search in the limit for Atom Feed would not be feasible. 1 atom feed thread is limited to pull only 10 records per search, however, you can run 10 threads per search, so technically you would be able to pull 100 records per search

What time of day is good to schedule atom feed downloads?

Any time after 9:00 AM eastern time.

Do I need an FPDS account to use atom feed?

The atom feed is for public use so no account is required. If you are a DOD user please go to or call (866) 606-8220.

Atom feed is updated on a daily basis. What data element should I use to extract the contracts?

Use the last modified date, different search criteria is available in the URL below with examples

What are the basic differences between the Atom Feed versions?

V 1.4 - The initial version of the Atom Feed with the XML samples for Award, IDV, OT Award and OT Agreement are provided.

V 1.4.1 - Cumulative Dollars Obligated, Base and Exercised Options Value and Base and All Options Value, US Government Entity, Alaskan Native Servicing Institution and Native Hawaiian Servicing Institution have been added.

V 1.4.2 - Women Owned Small Business, Economically Disadvantaged Women Owned Small Business, Joint Venture Women Owned Small Business and Joint Venture Economically Disadvantaged Women Owned Small Business have been added.

V 1.4.3 - Department ID and Name have been added in the "contractingOfficeAgencyID" and "fundingRequestingAgencyID" tags, Region Code has been added in the "contractingOfficeID" tag, Part 8 or Part 13 has been added in the "contractActionType" tag and Product or Service Type has been added in the "productOrServiceCode" tag.

V 1.4.4 - The "inherentlyGovernmentalFunction description" tag has been added in the "Contract Data" section.

V 1.4.5 – “Approved By” and "Approved Date” tags added in the “Transaction Information” section. “Referenced IDV Type,” “Referenced IDV Multiple or Single,” and “Referenced IDV Part 8 or Part 13” tags added in the “Contract Data” section. "Cage Code" added in the "Vendor DUNS Information" section.

V 1.5.0 - Several new fields have been added to the Atom feeds.

Transaction Information

- Closed Status
- Closed Date
- Closed By

Legislative Mandates

- Additional Reporting
- The tag "Walsh-Healey Act" has been changed to "Materials, Supplies, Articles, & Equipment"
- The tag "Service Contract Act" has been changed to "Labor Standards"
- The tag "Davis-Bacon Act" has been changed to "Construction Wage Rate Requirements"

Total Dollar Values

- Total Estimated Order Value

Competition Information

- IDV Type of Set Aside
- Type of Set Aside Source
- IDV Number of Offers Received
- Number of Offers Source

NASA Specific Elements

- CFDA Program Identification Number
- Non-Federal Funding Amount

Contract Marketing Data

- The tag "Maximum Order Limit" has been changed to "Individual Order / Call Limit"

V 1.5.1 - "Country of Contracting Office" has been added to the Purchaser Information section. "HUBZone Joint Venture" has been added to the Vendor Certifications section. "Solicitation Date" has been added as "genericString01" under the Generic Tags section.

12/20/19 Update:
Unique Entity Identifier (UEI) fields have been added using the generic tags. The UEI field and its corresponding tag are listed for reference below.

UEI: genericString02
Immediate Parent UEI: genericString03
Domestic Parent UEI: genericString04
Global Parent UEI: genericString05