V1.5 SP 8.0


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DescriptionStart Date End Date
BETA Implementation October 5, 2020October 5, 2020
Government Acceptance Testing October 13, 2020October 15, 2020
Production Deployment October 30, 2020October 30, 2020

Document Changes

DocumentationChanges Required
XML SpecificationsNo
Web ServicesNo
Data DictionaryNo
NASA Specific Data DictionaryNo
Use Case SummaryNo
Validation RulesYes
Atom FeedsNo
Online HelpNo
User ManualNo
PSC SpreadsheetYes

SPR Listing

SPR #Enhancement/ProblemSolutionImpact to Users and Integrators

IAESAM-794, RTC-54422

Currently, Vendor socio-economic credits in FAADC are updated whenever a correction is made to a Base record. This change would ensure that the vendor socio-economic credit information on a correction is not updated unless the DUNS is changed. This will match the functionality for FPDS which only updates vendor socio-economic credits if the DUNS is changed on a correction. No

IAESAM-779, RTC-54144

Update Research & Development (R&D) Product Service Codes. The Research and Development PSC codes will be modified to align with the latest Procurement Committee for E-government (PCE) changes. To this end, 721 existing PSC codes will be end-dated, and 155 new R&D codes will be activated. The latest version of the PSC manual will be posted to the ‘Reference’ section of the FPDS worksite page. No

RTC-51930, 54564

Defect: Contracts are currently allowing null data for Congressional District for Vendor Congressional District and Place of Performance Congressional District. The functionality for the Vendor Congressional District will be modified to source the data directly from the SAM extract. The data will be stored on each contract action based on the date signed of the contract, to ensure that there is no discrepancy from the vendor SAM registration and what is saved within FPDS. For the Place of Performance Congressional District, FPDS will cleanse the ZIPInfo code tables and loading process to ensure that moving forward no invalid ZIP codes that have a blank Congressional District can be utilized on contract actions. Additionally, a defect will also be resolved when the Place of Performance ZIP Code provided is not being validated when the Place of Performance Country Code is ‘USA’ and the Reason for Modification is one of the Vendor Change Modifications. The Congressional District (CD) for the District of Columbia and the below listed five US Territories will be ‘98’.
1. American Samoa
2. Guam
3. Northern Mariana Islands
4. Puerto Rico
5. U.S. Virgin Islands


Defect: Source Selection Process data element field not opening on a New Base after a Transfer Modification has been made. The functionality for the data element “Source Selection Process” will be changed to ensure the data element field opens on a New Base after a Transfer Modification has been made. No


Defect: Actions with invalid values for Subcontracting Plan for Delivery Orders against BOAs and Part 13 BPA Calls are being allowed to be finalized. The following three validation rules will fire on Delivery Orders against a BOA and Part 13 BPA Calls when these (3) values are selected. Values shown in bold.

The value "Plan Required - Incentive Included” for Data Element "Subcontract Plan" is invalid.

The value "Plan Required - Incentive Not Included” for Data Element "Subcontract Plan" is invalid.

The value "Plan Required (Pre 2004)" for Data Element "Subcontract Plan" is invalid.

Upon deployment of the service pack 8 content, a control report will be provided to the impacted Agency representative to select a valid Subcontracting plan value.


RTC- 55273

Defect: Invalid validation rule firing for Economically Disadvantaged Women Owned Small Business Type of Set Aside. This item will resolve a defect where vendor type of set aside for 'Economically Disadvantaged Women-Owned Small Business' is not validating correctly when the vendor type is present from the SAM registration and FPDS. No


Defect: Unable to complete the FAADC extract using Advanced Search. This item will resolve a defect in the FAADC extract where the system will not allow the extract to complete if a wildcard is utilized in the search parameters. No


Beta FPDS Implementation of FPDW / DAAS Interface. This item will create a new interface with the DoD Defense Automated Addressing System (DAAS). This interface will be replacing the existing interface with the FPDW to retrieve and stay in sync with newly created DoDAACs in the FPDS federal hierarchy. As part of the Service Pack 8 production deployment, the DAAS interface will be deployed to the beta FPDS environment. No


Defect: Other Transaction Agreement omitting Type of Agreement field when Printing. This item will resolve a defect where the selected value for data element 'Type of Agreement' is not populating when printing Other Transaction Agreements. No

IAESAM-862, RTC-56076

Based on FAR 52.212-5, FAR 52.222.50, and FAR 52.222-56, the threshold for the Data Element “Simplified Procedures for Certain Commercial Items” will be increased from $13M to $15M for the higher threshold. This item will update the FPDS thresholds for 'Commercial Procedures for Certain Commercial Actions' for validation rule 10J04.  Based on FAR subpart 13.500(a), these thresholds have been updated per FAR case 2019-013.

Per the FAR case, the upper threshold in FPDS will be changed from $13M to $15M.

The changes to the thresholds will not impact interfacing contract writing systems.