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DescriptionStart Date End Date
BETA Installation February 21, 2020February 21, 2020
Government Acceptance Testing March 3rd, 2020March 5, 2020
Installation in ProductionMarch 13, 2020March 13, 2020

Document Changes

DocumentationChanges Required
XML SpecificationsNo
Web ServicesNo
Data DictionaryYes
NASA Specific Data DictionaryNo
Use Case SummaryNo
Validation RulesYes
Atom FeedsNo
Online HelpYes
User ManualYes

SPR Listing

SPR #Enhancement/ProblemSolutionImpact to Users and Integrators


A validation is prohibiting the user from selecting a type of set-aside and also selecting a consolidated value on the action. The following validation rule will be deleted.
"If consolidated contract is one of the values 'Consolidated Requirements', 'Consolidated Requirements with Written Determination', 'Consolidated Requirements under FAR 7.107-1(b) Exception', then Type of Set Aside can only be 'No Set Aside Used”.
Deleting the validation rule makes it possible for final records that are already in the system or in draft to select a Small Business Set Aside on a contract that has been consolidated.


In order to be more encompassing, the language is being updated to take FAR Part 6 out of the description. This language for this value listed in the “Reason for Modification” Data Element reads as follows 'Additional Work (new agreement, FAR Part 6 applies)' is being updated to remove the FAR citation, to more accurately reflect requirements.

The value will be changed to read as follows:

'Additional Work (New Agreement, Justification Required)'.

This change removes the FAR citation, to more accurately reflect requirements. This change will go all the way back and the actions will be updated with the new value. However, the new actions will not be pushed through the Atom Feed.



Remove business rule 9A09 which requires DUNS number to be different on a Novation mod. This item would remove the existing DUNS validation rule '9A09' which requires the user to change the DUNS number when 'Novation' is selected in the 'Reason for Modification' data element. Since not all Novations always result in DUNS changes, this validation rule shall be removed. No


The Advanced Search output will be sorted in the same order as FPDS displays for contracts. This only applies to FAADC. The display sort order for FAADC is currently sorting by the modification number and not by the FAIN (e.g., PIID).

This item will update the FAADC assistance module to sort search results in the same manner it does for the contracts section of FPDS. See below: the AdvancedSearch module uses the "getList" call for Award, IDV, OTA, and OTIDV. The "order by" clause for those application calls appear to be: order by PIID , date_signed desc , last_modified_date desc. Instead of PIID, it will show FAIN.



Strip/replace the newlines in the Assistance Extract." This is for FAADC only. Newlines (non-ASCII characters) in the PPOP Foreign Language Description field will be replaced with spaces, and it will be done in the database view which is used to extract the data for the Assistance Extract. No


Correction to FSS records incorrectly updating the value for Fair Opportunity/Limited Sources to blank on BPA Calls. The value for Fair Opportunity/Limited Sources will not be changed on a BPA Call when a “Correct/Save” is performed on a FSS.

A DM will be performed on all the affected BPA Calls. FPDS can get the value for Fair Opportunity/Limited Sources from the BPA, as this value should propagate from the BPA to the BPA Calls.



Add new PSCs to FPDS. New PSCs are being added to the M2 category series for Ship Husbanding Services and they are as follows:

M2AA - Husbanding Services — Communications Services
M2AB - Husbanding Services — Force Protection
M2AC - Husbanding Services — Removal Services
M2AD - Husbanding Services — Material Handling
M2AE - Husbanding Services — Purchasing Services
M2AF - Husbanding Services — Incidental Services
M2BA - Husbanding Services — Transportation Services
M2BB - Husbanding Services — Fuel Services
M2BZ - Husbanding Services — Other Port Services
M2CA - Ship Husbanding Services - Management/Integration Service

There also will be a new PSC category added for the Q9 Medical Services category: “Q901 Aseptic Housekeeping Services.
The Effective Date for the new PSC’s is March 17, 2020.



Change three messages in FAADC for Clarity Reasons. Update Validation Rule for clarity and accuracy:
• FAADC:6A2 - "At least one of the FABS Business Types must be selected for an Aggregate record."
• FAADC:6A4 - "FABS Business Types must always be selected as Individual for a Non-Aggregate Individual record."
• FAADC:6A5 - "At least one of the SAM Business Types must be selected for a Non-Aggregate record in order to populate the FABS Business Types."