V1.5 SP 16.0


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DescriptionStart Date End Date
Beta DeploymentJanuary 9, 2023January 9, 2023
Government Acceptance Testing January 17, 2023January 19, 2023
Production Deployment January 28, 2023January 28, 2023

Document Changes

DocumentationChanges Required
XML SpecificationsNo
Web ServicesYes
Data DictionaryYes
NASA Specific Data DictionaryNo
Use Case SummaryYes
Validation RulesYes
Atom FeedsNo
Online HelpYes
User ManualYes

SPR Listing

SPR #Enhancement/ProblemSolutionImpact to Users and Integrators

IAEENH-711 / IAEDEV-57374

Stop collecting data element 8M, "Transportation by Sea" The FPDS system will be updated to prevent data entry for the ‘Sea Transportation’ data element. This data element is no longer mandated for use in FPDS.

A new validation rule (DOD8M05) shall be implemented to prevent the submission of the ‘Sea Transportation’ data element on records where the value is currently collected:

  • DOD8M05 - "Sea Transportation" must be blank when Date Signed is on or after 1/28/2023.


Additional Reporting value opens when selecting certain 'Reason for Modifications' On the following ‘Reason for Modifications’, the ‘Additional Reporting’ data field appears to be open and allows a user to select a new value, but upon ‘Save Draft’ the new value selected reverts back to the original value propagated from the base record:
  • Add Subcontracting Plan
  • Change PIID
  • Rerepresentation
  • Rerepresentation of Non-Novated Merger/Acquisition
  • Unique Entity ID or Legal Business Name Change - Non-Novation

The ‘Additional Reporting’ value should be closed for ALL ‘Reason for Modifications’ because the value propagates from the base. The FPDS system will be updated so that the ‘Additional Reporting’ field is closed on all ‘Reason for Modifications’.


IAEREQ-6239 / IAEDEV-70062

Ensure Cost Accounting Standards (CAS) Clause (data element 6L) propagates to orders/calls Currently Data Element 6L - Cost Accounting Standards Clause has the use case functionality of “Not Applicable” for Delivery Orders and BPA Calls. This means the value is blank/null and is not propagated from the IDV.

The functionality of element 6L will be updated so that its value will propagate from the referenced IDV for all Delivery Orders and BPA Calls.



Consortia field disabled on first mod after Transfer The first mod after a Transfer Action acts as a new base and allows many fields to be editable, but the Consortia field on OT contracts does not open and a rule still fires requiring it to have a value if it does not already have one.

FPDS functionality will be updated so that the Consortia field on OT contracts will be open and editable on the first mod after Transfer Action (new base).



Business Services OT issue when <referencedIDVID/> is sent FPDS functionality will be updated to correct the following defects:
  • When attempting to pull-in the previous final Award Other Transaction Award CARs on an award, Business Services returns an "Error Code 4008 - System error.
  • For Other Transaction IDVs, when the <fpds:referencedIDVID/> tag is in the XML for a GET method, Business Service returns no data.


Incorrect SAM error on Entity Lookup page The following SAM validation rule is incorrectly firing on the Entity Selection (lookup) page when the FAR Exception is “Compelling Needs” or “Emergency Operations” and the SAM UEI is either expired or for Awards only.
  • The entity associated with the Unique Entity ID entered exists in SAM. A FAR 4.1102 Exception (FPDS) / 2 CFR Part 25 Exception (FAADC) cannot be used with this entity.

The Entity Selection (lookup) page will be updated to not fire this rule for those conditions.



Propagation issue upon Correction of IDV for ‘Type of Set Aside’ and ‘Number of Offers’ The correction of the “Type of Set Aside” and/or “Number of Offers” data elements on a base IDV does not propagate the updated value to subsequent mods.

This defect will be resolved to propagate the updated data element value(s) to subsequent mods and any Orders/Calls that reference the IDV mods.



Validation rules 7E05 and 7E06 not firing on modification records As part of FPDS V1.5 Service Pack 12, two new validation rules (7E05 and 7E06) were implemented for the data element ‘Interagency Contracting Authority’. These validation rules were implemented for Base records only, and not for modification records.

Both rules shall be enabled for FPDS V1.5 modification records, with an effective date of the FPDS SP12 Production deployment date: January 29, 2022.



Update Entity Data Source functionality Currently for Non-FAR 4.1102 Exception cases - the Entity Data Source (EDS) value is pulled directly from the latest vendor information table for all FPDS record types based on the record’s UEI value, regardless of record modification state (Base vs. modification).

Entity Data Source functionality shall be updated so that modification records pull the EDS value based on PIID key and Date Signed, instead of pulling the latest vendor information for the UEI used on the record.



Business Size Determination Propagation Issue Currently, the “Contracting Officer's Determination of Business Size” value is incorrectly propagating on Award modifications that reference an IDV Vendor Modification when the Award modification is corrected.

The FPDS system shall be updated so that Award Modifications shall propagate the “Contracting Officer's Determination of Business Size” from the referenced IDV Modification when the Award modification is corrected.



IDV Number of Offers Propagation Issue Currently, the “IDV Number of Offers” value is incorrectly propagating to Part 8 BPA Call modifications from FSS modifications finalized after the BPA Call Modification.

The FPDS system shall be updated so Part 8 BPA Calls shall propagate the “IDV Number of Offers” from the referenced Part 8 BPA.


IAEENH-1136 / IAEMOD-4058

FPDS/FAADC Module - Business rule to no longer allow Recovery Act to be selected The FAADC data element “Business Fund Indicator” has two values available for selection: 1. ‘Funded by other sources’ and 2. ‘Funded by Recovery Act’. All Recovery Act monies are long past the periods of availability for obligation. The contracts side of FPDS stopped the availability for selecting the value as of June 28, 2019.

A new validation rule (FAADC:5A2) will be implemented to prevent the value ‘Funded by Recovery Act’ from being selected for data element “Business Fund Indicator”:

  • If Action Date is June 28, 2019 or later, then “Business Fund Indicator” cannot be ‘Funded by Recovery Act’.

IAEENH-1154 / IAEMOD-5053

FPDS - Correct Country Codes/Names That Don't Align with GENC and FIPS 10-4 A review of Country Code usage alignment with GENC found some records in FPDS that have Awardee country with a Country Code/Name that does not align with GENC representations.
  • Data management fixes have been applied to fix the Country Name for Country Codes ‘CZE’, ‘MKD’, and ‘SWZ’ in the FPDS reference tables used to populate FPDS records. This will result in the revised Country Names being applied to records updated after CCB-approved data management for CARs.
  • These country names were updated in:
    • Beta FPDS on Friday, November 18, 2022.
    • Production FPDS on Wednesday, November 30, 2022.

IAEENH-1151 / IAEMOD-5060

FPDS Business Rule to Block Usage of Generic UEI LBNs on 4.1102 Exceptions During a data review, 21 different non-generic UEIs were found to be input in FPDS with the ‘Legal Business Name’ of “Miscellaneous Foreign Awardees” and physical address of 1800 F St NW Washington, DC. These were found to be input in cases of a FAR 4.1102 exception.

A total of 141 records on Production FPDS are impacted and will be updated via a Data Management update in December 2022.


IAEENH-1140 / IAEMOD-5062

FPDS - Add Business Rules for Cost Accounting Standards (CAS) Clause Data Element Four new validation rules will be implemented for the Cost account Standards (CAS) Clause Data element:
  • When CO Business Size Selection is "Small Business", then Cost Accounting Standards (CAS) Clause must be "Not Applicable - Exempt from CAS".
  • When Solicitation Procedures is "Sealed Bid", then Cost Accounting Standards (CAS) Clause must be "Not Applicable - Exempt from CAS".
  • When Base and All Options Value is $2,000,000.00 or less, then Cost Accounting Standards (CAS) Clause must be "Not Applicable - Exempt from CAS".
  • When Commercial Products and Services Acquisition Procedures is other than "Commercial Products/Services Procedures Not Used", then Cost Accounting Standards (CAS) Clause must be "Not Applicable - Exempt from CAS".

All rules will have an effective date of FPDS V1.5 Service Pack 16 Production deployment and forward (1/28/2023).


IAEREQ-7512 / IAEMOD-6269

'Remove Exception' button disabled after doing a 'Correct' multiple times FAR 4.1102 Exception has two buttons associated with it: 1) the lookup button represented by an ellipsis (...) to find a value for FAR 4.1102 Exception, and 2) the ‘Remove Exception’ button to remove the value for FAR 4.1102 Exception. When a user does a ‘Correct’ to a record twice in a row without exiting the CAR, then both buttons become disabled and are no longer available for use. This is not an issue if a user exits the records and re-enters that record to make changes.

The FPDS system shall be updated so that the FAR 4.1102 Exception lookup and ‘Remove Exception’ buttons remain enabled even after the ‘Correct’ button has been used multiple times on the same record.



Information Technology Commercial Category Field not saving to 'Select One' value Currently, when a user attempts to change the “Information Technology Commercial Category” field value to ‘Select One’ and save the record, the value reverts back to the previously saved value. This issue impacts both Civilian and DoD agencies. Users are able to change the data element value to a different value, except for ‘Select One’.

The FPDS system shall be updated so that users are able to save the record with a value of ‘Select One’ for the “Information Technology Commercial Category” data element.


IAEENH-1141 / IAEMOD-6593

FPDS does not include all SAM exemption categories For the data element ‘FAR 4.1102 Exception’ within FPDS, two new values shall be implemented:
  • Contracting Officers supporting diplomatic or developmental operations in a danger pay post
  • Individual outside of the United States and its outlying areas

The new values will be allowed for use on all record types and versions where the ‘FAR 4.1102 Exception’ data element is applicable.

Additionally, in documentation only - for the ‘FAR 4.1102 Exception’ value of “Awards to foreign entities for work performed outside the US”, the ‘Long Description’ shall be updated to “Total Contract Value at or below $30,000 awarded to foreign entities for work performed outside the United States, if it is impractical to obtain SAM registration.”.