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IAEDEV-57153, IAEDEV-57157

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DescriptionStart Date End Date
BETA Implementation October 8, 2021October 8, 2021
Government Acceptance Testing October 19, 2021October 21, 2021
Production Deployment October 30, 2021October 30, 2021

Document Changes

DocumentationChanges Required
XML SpecificationsNo
Web ServicesNo
Data DictionaryYes
NASA Specific Data DictionaryNo
Use Case SummaryYes
Validation RulesYes
Atom FeedsNo
Online HelpYes
User ManualYes

SPR Listing

SPR #Enhancement/ProblemSolutionImpact to Users and Integrators

IAEREQ-4090, IAEDEV-57245

Data elements “Domestic or Foreign Entity” and “Type of Set Aside” are not highlighted in RED when referenced in an Error message. This issue only occurs when a SAM Exception is selected. When a contract action is opened, all required data elements are shown in orange. After data is entered and validation rules fire, the elements that are in error should be shown in red. This is happening when there is a relation between two data elements. The system will be changed to show all data elements that are in error in red, whether or not a SAM Exception is selected. This will assist the user in being able to identify what data element needs to be corrected. No

IAEENH-975, IAEDEV-57243

Solicitation Date not retained upon user entry and selecting DUNS. The system will be modified to retain the 'Solicitation Date' when the value is entered before using the ellipsis lookup button for 'Legal Business Name'. No

IAEENH-953, IAEDEV-57187

Update FAADC Extract/FABS Report with UEI. The existing entity identifier column ‘AwardeeOrRecipientUniqueIdentifier’ will be removed from the FABS extract. In its place, two unique identifier columns for the UEI (DUNS) and UEI (SAM) values shall be created. No

IAEENH-992, IAEENH-922, IAEDEV-57203

New PSC for Medical Category A new PSC 6632 (Analysis Instruments, Medical Laboratory Use) will be added to FPDS. No

IAEDEV-57153, IAEDEV-57157

FPDS and FAADC Phase 2 UEI Enhancements This is the second phase of UEI enhancements for both FPDS and FAADC systems. This will open up UEI (SAM) and allow the user to enter values into either of the UEI data elements. Additionally, all UEI crosswalk files uploaded to FPDS during SP9 will be removed from FPDS a week after SP11 Beta Deployment. Existing files can be found in the ‘Reference’ section of the following link: https://www.fpds.gov/fpdsng_cms/index.php/en/worksite.html No


SAM to FAB Business Types mappings missing on FAADC Module. The mapping for all values required for the FABS report were not provided. Therefore, some items in FAADC did not have mappings to the FABS Report. The system will be updated with the new DOD mapping values. DoD only. No


Data Element “Price Evaluation Percent Difference” is populating a Zero on non-applicable award types upon Correction. The FPDS functionality will be updated so that the data element value remains NULL on PO, DO and BPA Call when a Correction is performed. No


Award module, rule 7C04 does NOT fire on Modifications when Reason for Mod is "Rerepresentation" or "Rerepresentation of non-Novated Merger/Acquisition". The mandatory rule for 'Labor Standards' will fire on Purchase Order modifications when Reason for Mod is "Rerepresentation" or "Rerepresentation of Non-Novated Merger/Acquisition". Validation rule language:

Purchase Order is over 25K, Reason for Mod is "Rerepresentation" and Labor Standards is "Select One."



SAM Exception value is not removed from Award when value is removed from referenced IDV. When an IDV is corrected from a SAM Exception to a non-SAM Exception, the Awards referencing that IDV will also have the SAM Exception Type value removed. No


ezSearch not showing correct records. The system will be fixed so that when a user selects a filter from the 'Contracting Office Agency' in ezSearch, results will appear. As an example, 'Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services' does not show any values when selecting this Agency in the left hand side 'Contracting Office Agency' links. No


Source Selection Process value drops off when making a 'correct' to the BPA. The system will be fixed so that when a 'correct' is made to an IDV, the Awards referencing that IDV will not lose their value for 'Source Selection Process'. No