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DescriptionStart Date End Date
BETA Installation Thursday Jan 12, 2012Thursday Jan 12, 2012
Functional Qualification TestingTuesday Jan 17, 2012Wednesday Jan 18, 2012
Installation in ProductionFriday Jan 27, 2012Friday Jan 27, 2012

Document Changes

DocumentationChanges Required
XML SpecificationsNo
Web ServicesNo
Data Dictionary No
NASA Specific Data DictionaryNo
Use Case SummaryNo
Validation RulesYes
Online HelpYes
Computer-Based TrainingNo
User ManualYes

SPR Listing

SPR #ProblemSolutionImpact to Users and Integrators

Revert 2012 NAICS Changes

Revert 2012 NAICS Changes

2012 North American Industry Classification System Code (NAICS Code) changes are being rolled back.

Refer to the release notes at https://www.fpds.gov/wiki/index.php/V1.4_NAICS_Changes for recent NAICS changes.

Contracts using the NAICS with updated descriptions will be updated to the old description, automatically by FPDS.

Contracts using one of the new NAICS will remain in the system unless corrected by the user. If not corrected by the user the NAICS descriptions will be displayed as blank on the contract screen and in the reports . A validation error will be displayed if users enter the action but do not correct the NAICS. No Validation error will be displayed on modifications to these contracts.

GSA will send a list of all actions created using the new NAICS codes to agency CCB representatives for agencies to correct on Jan 28,2012.

FPDSPMOS-102 Change Request:

FPDS-NG shall enhance the reports Search Criteria screen to show a foot note to indicate that the “From Date” and “To Date” correspond to the “Date Signed” on the FPDS-NG documents.

On the Search Criteria screen, introduce a footnote to indicate that “From Date” and “To Date” correspond to the “Date Signed” on the FPDS-NG documents.

Following are the impacted Standard Reports:

Who Category: 1. Awards by Contractor Type 2. Contractor Search

What Category: 1. Federal contract Actions and Dollars 2. Other Transaction Actions and Dollars 3. Procurement History for Market Research 4. Total Actions by NAICS 5. Total Actions by PSC

Where Category: 1. Buy American Act Place of Manufacture 2. Geographical Report by Place of Performance 3. Geographical Report by Vendor Location

How Category: 1. Bundled and Consolidated Contracts 2. Buying Through Government Acquisition Vehicles 3. Competition 4. Competition Report – OLD 5. Competitive Procedures, but one Offer 6. Contract Termination for Default-Cause 7. Funding 8. GSA SmartPay® Purchase Charge Card Data And Load Status (available only to GSA) 9. GSA SmartPay® Purchase Charge Card Socioeconomic Summary (available only to GSA) 10. GSA SmartPay® Purchase Charge Card Statistics (available only to GSA) 11. IDVs whose Orders are over the Ceiling Amount 12. Local Area Set Aside 13. Official Small Business Goaling Report for FY 2005 and FY 2006 14. Official Small Business Goaling Report for FY 2007 15. Orders placed after IDV's Last Date to Order 16. Performance Based Acquisition 17. Purchase Card as Payment Method 18. Recycled Content Product Purchasing Data 19. Small Business Achievements by Awarding Organization 20. Small Business Competitiveness Demonstration Program 21. Small Business Goaling 22. Small Top 100 Federal Contractors 23. Subcontracting Plan

Sys Admin Category: 1. Audit Procedures 2. Individual Data Item Oversight Tracker 3. National Interest Action 4. Rerepresentation Eligible Actions 5. Rerepresentation 6. Transfer Action 7. Workload

FPDSHD-92110 Issue:

Prior to V 1.3, IDVs did not have to answer “Clinger Cohen Act Planning Compliance” (“Clinger Cohen Act”) and the corresponding data element was not available in FPDS-NG. Starting V 1.3, this data element has been made mandatory with the possible values as ‘Yes’ and ‘No’.

To facilitate any IDV modifications and Delivery/Task Orders against non-V 1.3 IDVs, FPDS-NG has started to default the value as “No” for all such IDVs; the IDV modifications and the Delivery/Task Orders (DO/TO) have started to propagate “No”.

If agencies determined that the value on the non-V 1.3 IDV should be ‘Yes’, then such requests are addressed as part of Data Management. One such IDV is 7001-HSHQDC07D00030 whose “Clinger Cohen Act” was changed to ‘Yes’, but the value on the V 1.2 base and the modification A00001 is changing back to ‘No’ when the base IDV is corrected (for other data elements). However, the subsequent modifications that are in V 1.3 have the right value as ‘Yes’. When a DO/TO is done against the base IDV, the value of ‘No’ is getting propagated. The user intends to have the value as ‘Yes’ for the whole family of the IDV, so the subsequent modifications and the DO/TO done would also propagate ‘Yes’.

1. Data Fix: The base IDV and the modification A00001 shall be changed to the value of ‘Yes’. The value would not be shown on the screen, but it would be saved in the database. Identify any V 1.3 or V 1.4 DO/TO for this IDV and change the value to ‘Yes’.

2. Software Fix: FPDS-NG shall ensure that after the data fix, the value of “Clinger Cohen Act” shall not be reverted to the initial value of ‘No’ or to nothing. The value changed as a result of the data fix shall be retained.

ICD Enhancements to ICD 1. To include Contracting Agency ID/Name, Contracting Department ID/Name, Vendor DUNS and Contracting Officer's Determination of Business Size to the list of search-able elements. To remove TAS related data elements.

2. To include Contracting Agency ID/Name, Contracting Department ID/Name, Vendor DUNS and Contracting Officer's Determination of Business Size to the list of retrieved elements. To remove TAS related data elements.

3. In the list of retrieved elements, the latest IDV modification shall be included. IDV type shall be mentioned, Part 8 or Part 13 shall be indicated for BPAs, whether the IDV is a Multiple Award or a Single Award IDV shall be indicated, FSS PIID shall be displayed if the retrieved PIID is a Part 8 BPA, a hyperlink to launch the BPAs shall be provided if the retrieved IDV is an FSS. The vendor information shall reflect the information on the latest vendor modification, if any.

4. The results shall be sorted by the "Who Can Use" value - All the agencies, Defense, Civilian, Other, Codes and Only My Agency.

5. Contracting Officer's Determination of Business Size shall be added to the list of sort-able data elements.

6. Existing sorting options can be used on top of the default sorting by "Who Can Use". Place of Performance Zip Code sort shall be removed as IDVs would not have PoP.

Performance Based Service Acquisition Report The Performance Based Service Acquisition Report shall consider the cumulative “Action Obligation” or “Base and All Options Value” as greater than $25,000. “Performance Based Acquisition” report shall consider the cumulative “Action Obligation” or “Base and All Options Value” as greater than $25,000 on the contracts, as against the current “Action Obligation” or “Base and All Options Value” as greater than $25,000.

Note: Current exclusions continue to apply.

Appendix shall be updated accordingly.

Optimization of Adhoc reporting Enhancement to optimize Adhoc reports Following are the updates to Adhoc reports

1. Data for 5 years can be retrieved

2. 30,000 rows of data will be retrieved thus reducing user time for another search

3. Fiscal Year is provided in the drill path to slice and dice data by FY after the initial report is run for 5 years

Known Issue for the user saved queries:

User saved formatting may be lost and they have to re-do the formatting.

For some existing saved adhoc reports users might see two filter criterias( signed date and date signed) ,users have to recreate the report and save it or can execute the report by just providing the values for only signed date