V1.5 SP 19.0



DescriptionStart Date End Date
Beta DeploymentOctober 02, 2023October 02, 2023
Government Acceptance Testing October 10, 2023October 16, 2023
Production Deployment October 28, 2023October 28, 2023

Document Changes

DocumentationChanges Required
XML SpecificationsNo
Web ServicesNo
Data DictionaryNo
NASA Specific Data DictionaryNo
Use Case SummaryNo
Validation RulesYes
Atom FeedsNo
Online HelpNo
User ManualYes

SPR Listing

SPR #Enhancement/ProblemSolutionImpact to Users and Integrators

IAEMOD-18078 / IAEENH-1207

New business rule for Solicitation Date when FAR 13.5 is referenced The FPDS System will be modified to introduce a new FPDS business rule that will require completion of the 'Solicitation Date' data element when the 'Base and All Options Value' is over $250K AND 'Solicitation Procedures' is other than 'Simplified Acquisition'.
  • New rule - "The "Solicitation Date" is required when "Solicitation Procedures" on the Referenced IDV is "Simplified Acquisition"; "Simplified Procedures for Certain Commercial Products and Commercial Services" in "Yes"; and "Base and All Options Value (Total Contract Value)" is greater than $250,000.
  • When a contracting officer is using simplified procedures in accordance with FAR 13.5, this does NOT increase the simplified acquisition threshold (SAT) and ‘Solicitation Date’ is required.


Period of Performance Start Date propagation issue on IDV mods Period of Performance Start Date’ (formerly called ‘Effective Date’) became a base propagated field (locked/grayed-out) on Modifications when it was signed after Oct 25, 2019 (V1.5 SP 5.0 (fpds.gov)). For {IDVs ONLY}, if the "Date Signed" of the Base (mod 0) is before 10/25/2019 and a Correction is made to the base IDV to update the "Period of Performance Start Date", then that new date is NOT propagating to existing Modifications signed after 10/25/2019. The FPDS application will be updated so that on a correction to a base IDV which changes the "Period of Performance Start Date", the new date will propagate to all existing IDV Modifications that are signed on or after 10/25/2019. Yes


"IDV Number of Offers" set to null after an FSS Base Correct The FPDS application will be updated so that when an FSS Base is corrected the value on the BPA Call Modification will continue to match the value on the BPA Call Base. Yes


“Domestic or Foreign Entity” data element does not propagate to referencing Part 8 BPAs, Part 8 BPA Calls, Awards, and IDV Base records FPDS application will be updated to allow for Domestic or Foreign Entity propagation upon modification of an FSS or Novation Agreement.

Correcting a Base propagates over a Novation Agreement with Awards and IDV



Atom feed results are not formatted properly when an FPDS user selects the "ezSearch" button from the home page The FPDS application will be fixed so that data from the Atom feed output is in the required format. Yes


Modification Cannot Be Corrected Due To A Far Exception Validation Rule The FPDS System will be modified as a defect to resolve the issue that prevents users from editing ‘Business Category’ and ‘ Business Type’ data fields when correcting a mod. Yes


Correct Entity Name issue with the Reason for Modification The FPDS application correction logic will be fixed so that the expected system behavior when "Reason for Modification" is selected as 'Unique Entity ID Or Legal Business Name Change - Non-Novation', is the Entity Name is updated with the most recently received value from SAM. Yes


Contracting Agency ID does not automatically populate on OT mods when using the “Ellipsis” gui feature This FPDS application will be fixed to allow for a DoD office to use a Contracting Agency ID that doesn’t change. This needs to be corrected by the subject awards from the Contracting Office code. Yes