V1.5 SP 17.0



DescriptionStart Date End Date
Beta DeploymentApril 10, 2023April 10, 2023
Government Acceptance Testing April 17, 2023April 19, 2023
Production Deployment April 29, 2023April 29, 2023

Document Changes

DocumentationChanges Required
XML SpecificationsNo
Web ServicesYes
Data DictionaryYes
NASA Specific Data DictionaryNo
Use Case SummaryYes
Validation RulesYes
Atom FeedsYes
Online HelpYes
User ManualYes

SPR Listing

SPR #Enhancement/ProblemSolutionImpact to Users and Integrators

IAEENH-1114 / IAEDEV-69715

Create new validations for Inherently Governmental Functions (IGF data element code 6T) and Product/Service Code (PSC) combination The FPDS System will be modified to implement two new validation rules to mandate the IGF value when a 'Service' type PSC code is selected.
  • New rule 6T07 - When PSC is a Product or PSC = R497, then “Inherently Governmental Functions” value must be blank.
  • New rule 6T08 - When PSC is a Service (except when PSC = R497), a value for “Inherently Governmental Functions” must be entered.

Existing rule 6T01 will be deprecated -

  • 6T01: An inherently Governmental Function value must be entered for contracts signed on or after 03/01/2012 when PSC is entered as a 'Service'.

The two new rules 6T07 and 6T08 will be applicable only to the future data starting on the FPDS V1.5 Service Pack 17 Production deployment date (4/29/2023).



Consortia flag not displaying on Print Screen for Other Transaction Awards and Other Transaction IDVs Print functionality on the OT awards and OT IDVs will be fixed to display the ‘Consortia’ data element information on the print PDF. Yes

IAEENH-1171 / IAEMOD-7962

IAEENH-1171: The data element 8L- ‘Recovered Materials/Sustainability’ will be required on an FSS The FPDS system will be modified to collect the data element 8L- ‘Recovered Materials / Sustainability’ on all Federal Supply Schedules (FSS) type contracts.
  • Data element 8L will be required on all new FSS contracts created with a Date Signed after the FPDS V1.5 Service Pack 17 Production deployment date (4/29/2023).
  • Data element 8L will be an optional data element for all the existing FSS contracts signed prior to the FPDS V1.5 Service Pack 17 Production deployment date (4/29/2023).

A new rule 8L04 will be implemented for this functionality,

  • New rule 8L04 - ‘Recovered Materials/Sustainability’ is required on FSS when Date Signed is 4/29/2023 or later.


UEI Reverts on 'Save' on 1.4 IDVs This is a defect fix to resolve an issue where on version 1.4 IDVs and Awards with ‘FAR 4.1102 Exceptions’, when doing a ‘Correct’, the UEI reverts to the previously existing value and does not retain the updated value upon clicking the "Save" button. This fix will ensure the new UEI value is retained on the screen and saved. Yes


Action Obligation validation errors on OT IDV This is a defect fix to resolve two Action Obligation rules OT3C02 and OT3C05, listed below, that are firing incorrectly for Other Transaction IDVs when the total Action Obligation amount exceeds a specific threshold.
  • OT3C02: The "Action Obligation" must be greater than or equal to $0.00.
  • OT3C05:If the "Action Obligation" amount is less than $0.00, then the sum of all the "Action Obligation" amounts for the PIID must be greater than the "Action Obligation" for this transaction.


Decommission of FPDS Version 1.5.2 Atom Feeds The FPDS Version 1.5.2 of the Public (Civilian) and DoD Atom Feeds will be decommissioned as part of the FPDS V1.5 Service Pack 17 Production deployment date (4/29/2023).

Note: ONLY FPDS Version 1.5.3 Public and DoD Atom feeds will be available thereafter.



Validation rule incorrectly firing when Business Type/Business Category data elements are empty This is a defect fix to resolve the validation rule 1301 firing incorrectly on contracts with a ‘FAR 4.1102 Exception’ even when none of the Business Category or Business Type data elements are NOT selected, preventing the user from approving the contracts.
  • Rule 1301: When a “FAR 4.1102 Exception” value is selected and “Date Signed” is on or after 10/29/2022, then Business Category and/or Business Type values must be blank.

FPDS shall be updated to allow FAR 4.1102 Exception records to be approved when values are not selected for the ‘Business Type’ and ‘Business Category’ data elements.



FAR 4.1102 Exception value retains on a UEI/LBN Mod Data element 9J- FAR 4.1102 Exception is an optional element on a “Unique Entity ID (UEI) or Legal Business Name Change - Non-Novation” modification type. Any changes to the 9J- FAR 4.1102 Exception data element on UEI modifications are not stored / retained, but a value from the Base is being stored on the modification.

This defect will be resolved to retain the user provided ‘FAR 4.1102 Exception’ value on the “Unique Entity ID (UEI) or Legal Business Name Change - Non-Novation” modifications.



Consortia flag propagation on OT IDV mods When a Base Other Transaction IDV has a value for ‘Consortia’ and a user creates a modification, the ‘Consortia’ flag is propagated on the initial ‘Save Draft’. However, once the user clicks ‘Save Draft’ again, the Consortia value is removed and does not come back.

This defect will be resolved so that the ‘Consortia’ value does not get removed from Other Transaction IDV Modifications upon ‘Save Draft’.



Multiple OT issues on first mod after Transfer Action The following four issues have been reported for Other Transaction Awards and Other Transaction IDVs on the first modification after a Transfer (New Base). The FPDS application will be updated to resolve each issue.
  1. The validation message below is incorrectly firing on the first modification record created after a “Transfer Action” record:
    • OTDOD1A07A - If the transaction is an initial award of an Other Transaction Order, and the PIID is 13 characters long, then positions 7 and 8 of the PIID must be equal to the fiscal year of the Date Signed.
  2. The “Reason for Modification” field is not required and can be finalized without a value.
  3. The “Consortia” flag does not pre-populate initially like all other data values do when clicking the ‘Modify’ button.
  4. The “Primary Consortia Member UEI” value is wiped out on “Transfer Action” and preceding mods when changing Consortia to “No” on the first modification after a “Transfer Action” record.


'Subcontract Plan' propagates from base to 'Add Subcontracting Plan' Mod when Correct is made Data element ‘11B- Subcontracting Plan’ is optional on modification type ‘Add Subcontracting Plan’. When creating an ‘Add Subcontracting Plan’ modification, the user is prompted to change the value for ‘Subcontract Plan’. When the base record for that modification is then corrected, the value for ‘Subcontract Plan’ re-propagates to the ‘Add Subcontracting Plan’ modification removing the ‘Subcontract Plan’ value selected on the modification record.

FPDS will be updated to prevent the re-propagation for the data element ‘Subcontract Plan’ for the following modification types:

  • Add Subcontracting Plan
  • Novation Agreement
  • Representation
  • Representation of Non-Novated Merger/Acquisition


Subcontracting Plan Propagating on ReRep Mod Data element ‘11B- Subcontracting Plan’ is optional on modification type ‘Representation of Non-Novated Merger/Acquisition’ (Re-Rep mod). This data element is expected to be propagated to the subsequent modification created.

A changed (via Correct action) ‘Subcontracting Plan’ value from the ‘Re-Representation modification', is not propagating to the subsequent modifications.

This defect will be fixed so the new value of the ‘Subcontract Plan’ on a ‘Re-Rep mod will propagate to subsequent modifications of following types:

  • Additional work (New Agreement, Justification Required)
  • Change Order
  • Change PIID
  • Closeout
  • Definitize Change Order
  • Definitize Letter Contract
  • Entity Address Change
  • Exercise an option
  • Funding Only Action
  • Legal Contract Cancellation
  • Other Administrative Action
  • Supplemental Agreement for work within scope
  • Terminate for cause
  • Terminate for convenience (complete or partial)
  • Terminate for Default
  • Transfer Action
  • Unique Entity ID or Legal Business Name Change- Non-Novation


FAADC Atom feed (Parent UEI) Issue Currently, the 'Immediate Parent UEI' value is not populating correctly in the FAADC Atom Feeds. This defect will be resolved via data management updates to records whose Immediate Parent UEI value is not populated. Yes