V1.5 SP 12.0



DescriptionStart Date End Date
BETA Implementation January 10, 2022January 10, 2022
Government Acceptance Testing January 18, 2022January 20, 2022
Production Deployment January 29, 2022January 29, 2022

Document Changes

DocumentationChanges Required
XML SpecificationsNo
Web ServicesYes
Data DictionaryYes
NASA Specific Data DictionaryNo
Use Case SummaryYes
Validation RulesYes
Atom FeedsYes
Online HelpYes
User ManualYes

SPR Listing

SPR #Enhancement/ProblemSolutionImpact to Users and Integrators

IAEENH-1034 / IAEDEV-58948

DoD has requested “CAGE Code” be added to the FPDS lookup screen. This item will add the 'CAGE Code' as a searchable data element on the FPDS entity lookup screen. No

IAEENH-995 / IAEDEV-57389

Change data element screen name for 'Fedbizopps' to a more descriptive term as Fedbizopps has been integrated within SAM.gov. Approved screen name change is ‘Contract Opportunities Notice'. The data element screen name for 'Fedbizopps' will be changed to ‘Contract Opportunities Notice'. No

IAEENH-988 / IAEDEV-57388

When Funding Agency is outside of the Department Agency the “Interagency Contracting Authority” is not mandatory. New Validation rules will fire whenever a Funding Agency Department is outside of the Contracting Awarding Department, requiring that the user needs to fill out “Interagency Contracting Authority” (ICA). Conversely if the user fills out the ICA, but the Department values match, another validation rule should be introduced to not require ICA data. No

IAEENH-985 / IAEDEV-57387

Two validation rules for Solicitation Date fire for the DoD agency only. The verbiage for validation rule ‘DOD2H06’ shall be updated for clarity to the following:

“The Solicitation Date in this IDV cannot be later than the Solicitation Date of an Award referencing this IDV. Please provide a Solicitation Date equal to or earlier than the Solicitation Date of the finalized Awards referencing this IDV.”

Validation rules ‘DOD2H05’ and ‘DOD2H06’ shall be extended to Civilian Agencies.


IAEENH-981 / IAEDEV-57386

The IDV Reference PIID is not always being entered on a Part 8 BPA. FPDS shall add an information message when new BPAs are opened, reminding users to include the referenced IDV PIID if this is a BPA against an FSS. No

IAEENH-892 / IAEDEV-57380

The Government Furnished Property (GFP) data element value does not propagate to modification records. The functionality of modifications for Government Furnished Property (GFP) will be changed so the value from the base award is pre-populated on modifications. No

IAEENH-887 / IAEDEV-57379

Add the “DoD Acquisition Program” data element to Other Transactions. The 'DoD Acquisition Program' data element in DoD Contract Actions will be added to the OT module. Yes

IAEENH-886 / IAEDEV-57378

Add two new data elements to FAADC:
  • Indirect Cost Federal Share Amount
  • Funding Opportunity Goals Text
Add two new data elements to the FAADC module that will allow users to enter “Indirect Cost Federal Share Amount” data within FAADC assistance actions and the “Funding Opportunity Goals Text” that is assigned by the agency from the funding opportunity announcement. DoD only. Yes

IAEREQ-4326 / IAEDEV-60353

Update Assistance Description maximum length to 18k characters In compliance with the new data standard requirements (IDD 2.1 from DAIMS 2.1), the maximum length for the Assistance for the FAADC module will be '18,000' characters. No


Update 'CFDA' data element name to 'Assistance Listing' The CFDA label name in all the Record Type forms in FAADC have to comply with the Grants Data Standardization (GRM FIBF update) naming convention.

The CFDA label will be renamed to ASSISTANCE LISTING and add the note (formerly known as CFDA).



The state, zip, and country are not propagating on a 'Correct' on a NON-SAM Exception DUNS to SAM Exception record. The system will be modified to ensure that on a NON-SAM Exception DUNS to SAM Exception record, that the state, zip, and country propagates on a 'Correct'. No


The DUNS and UEI value open on a Delivery Order (DO) and BPA Calls. The functionality will be updated to ensure that DUNS and UEI values do not open on DOs and BPA Calls with a SAM Exception when selecting 'Correct'. No


The SAM Exception value is not being retained on ‘Save Draft’. The system will ensure that when creating a Part 8 BPA with a SAM Exception, the value will be retained when selecting ‘Save Draft’. No


The SAM-exception button is not enabled on the initial load of a GUI Service URL. The system will be updated to ensure that the SAM-exception data element button is enabled, upon initial load of a GUI screen. No


FAADC Business Services ‘Create’ request cannot be processed when the Small Business Indicator value is ‘Small Business’ and the ‘vendorOrganizationFactors’ tag is not included in the request. The system will be updated so a FAADC ‘Create’ request can be processed when the Small Business Indicator value is ‘Small Business’ and the ‘vendorOrganizationFactors’ tag is not included in the request. No