V1.5 SP 10.0



DescriptionStart Date End Date
BETA Implementation June 22, 2021June 22, 2021
Government Acceptance Testing June 23, 2021June 25, 2021
Production Deployment July 2, 2021July 2, 2021

Document Changes

DocumentationChanges Required
XML SpecificationsNo
Web ServicesYes
Data DictionaryYes
NASA Specific Data DictionaryNo
Use Case SummaryNo
Validation RulesYes
Atom FeedsNo
Online HelpNo
User ManualYes

SPR Listing

SPR #Enhancement/ProblemSolutionImpact to Users and Integrators


Update message language displayed after successful registration of a new FPDS account when the 'Receive Email Notification' checkbox is not selected on New User Registration Page When the 'Receive Email Notification' checkbox is not checked, the message displayed on the screen after a user registers an account with FPDS for the first time will be updated to: "Your registration is successful. If your FPDS System Administrator is not able to activate your account, please contact the Federal Service Desk at 866-606-8220 or at www.fsd.gov." The existing message mentions that an email has been sent to the user with login information, even if the 'Receive Email Notification’ Checkbox is not checked. No


A user is unable to search by Start Date or End Date on the Organization Hierarchy page for Active only records. In the administrator 'Organization' page that displays the Organization Hierarchy, the Start and End dates are closed when the ‘Active’ checkbox is checked. The module will be changed to allow the Start Date and the End Date to be open at all times. No


On the Agency selection page, the row count at the bottom of the screen does not match the number of rows returned in the search. When a user does a search on the Agency selection screen, instead of it saying, '400 out of 514 items', it is instead saying '400 out of 0 items.' The results are returned, but instead of showing total result number, the count at the bottom of the screen says 0 results. No


When the value ‘Other Statutory Authority’ is selected for “Interagency Authority”, “Other Interagency Contract Statutory Authority” is required and should be marked in red. FPDS will be changed to recognize all data elements that are in error and displayed in red which assists the user in being able to identify what needs to be corrected. No


Update naming of 'Cage Code' to 'CAGE Code' across FPDS. The screen name will be changed from “Cage Code’ to ‘CAGE Code’. No


Update the naming of business types 'Hub Zone' to 'HUBZone' across FPDS. The screen name and system documentation will be changed from ‘Hub Zone’ to 'HUBZone'. This change also impacts the following entity business types:
  • 'Self Certified Hub Zone Joint Venture' to be renamed to 'Self Certified HUBZone Joint Venture.'

  • 'SBA Certified Hub Zone firm' to be renamed to 'SBA Certified HUBZone firm.


'Correct' and 'Modify' buttons are open on CARS that are in error. The Correct and Modify buttons will be closed on records that are in error status. No


Period of Performance Start Date disappears on Other Transactions (OT) records when inputting an invalid funding office code. The code will be modified to ensure that the 'Period of Performance Start Date' does not disappear when an invalid funding office code is corrected. The correct validation shall continue to fire for the invalid code and when it is corrected the 'Period of Performance Start Date' is unchanged. No


When a DUNS is removed on a record in draft status on a Purchase Order or DCA the value remains in the database. This defect will be fixed to ensure that on Purchase Order records in draft status, the DUNS value is removed from the screen but not the database. FPDS will be updated to save a PO or DCA base record without a ‘DUNS Number’ value and ensure the ‘DUNS Number’ value does not revert to its original value. No


FAADC Data Element 'Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance (CFDA)' doesn't propagate to the amendments in FAADC. This defect will be updated to correct the propagation logic in FAADC to ensure that the 'CFDA' propagates to amendments. No existing records are impacted as of 5/21/2021. No


The FPDS Data Element 'Contracting Officer's Business Size' value doesn't propagate from IDV when the value is changed. This is an issue on a BPA Call against a BPA, a DO against a BOA with a SAM Exception, and a DO against Multiple and Single Award IDC with a SAM Exception. This defect will be fixed so that the 'CO Business Size' data element propagates correctly in SAM Exceptions for BPA Calls against a BPA, DOs against a BOA, and a DO against Multiple and Single Award IDCs. No


The user cannot 'correct' the DUNS on an action with a SAM Exception AND an award against that IDV exists. The following message is displayed: 'The last transaction could not be completed successfully.'

The user cannot ‘correct’ the DUNS on an action with a SAM Exception WITHOUT an award against that IDV. The DUNS number updates, but the entity name and address remain as the original information.

The system will be changed for SAM Exceptions to ensure that the user does not receive the message 'The last transaction could not be completed successfully,' ensuring that a base document (mod 0) can be corrected when there is a DO against the base. Also, a defect will be corrected to ensure that when the DUNS is changed the vendor information is updated across applicable contract actions. No


A SAM Exception isn't consistently propagating from a GWAC on a DO. When the user changes the SAM Exception details on the GWAC after the delivery order has been created, the SAM Exception information is not updated on the existing DO. This defect will modify the behavior to ensure that when a DO is created, the SAM Exception information is correctly propagating. The system will be updated to ensure that the SAM Exception information will flow through to all applicable contract actions. No


The DUNS data element is incorrectly opening on Delivery Orders and BPA Calls when the IDV has a SAM Exception. The DUNS field shall be changed to propagate the DUNS to DOs and BPA Call on IDV's with a SAM Exception. No


Data Elements 'Additional Reporting' and 'SAM Exception Type' are not being saved in templates. The template functionality will be modified so that data elements 'Additional Reporting' and 'SAM Exception Type' will be propagated to the new draft record when created from a template. No


The following validation rule is not firing for NASA:

NASA4A01: If 'None' or 'Blanket Delegation' are selected for Contract Administration Delegated field, then no other values can be selected. Otherwise, multiple values can be selected.

The code will be modified to ensure that validation rule NASA4A01 will fire for NASA records. No


Other Transactions (OT) Order, OT Agreement and OT IDV - Vendor modifications can be successfully deleted on Beta FPDS despite having subsequent finalized modifications. The system will be changed to identify base records (Mod 0) that have Vendor modifications and stop the user from deleting these modifications when modifications have been finalized with a date signed later than the vendor modification. The following validation rule will fire to stop the user from deleting these records:

“This entity modification has subsequent modifications and cannot be deleted.”


Award module, 'Materials, Supplies, Articles, and Equip' rule 7B05 - 'Mandatory Element Walsh Healey Act is Missing' does NOT fire on Modifications when Reason for Mod is "Rerepresentation" or "Rerepresentation of non-Novated Merger/Acquisition". This is happening when a Purchase Order is over 25K. Validation Rule 7B05 will be updated to fire on a modification when the reason is “Rerepresentation” or “Rerepresentation of non-Novated Merger/Acquisition.” Additionally, the validation rule language will also be updated to reference the current data element name 'Materials, Supplies, Articles, and Equip.' No


IDV and Other Transaction (OT) web services Create request does not derive the Funding Agency from the Funding Office. The FPDS application will be changed to derive the Funding Agency from the Funding Office for OT's. No


Web Services Validation Rule 9002 'The Template ID is null or empty' fires in error even if template information exists. The XML validation rule ‘9002 - The Template ID is null or empty' functionality shall be updated so that the rule does not fire on the web services output when the user enters an invalid template name. The XML rule ‘9001 - The Template Document does not exist' shall fire when the user enters an invalid (non-existing) template name. This fix shall be applied to the V1.5 IDV and V1.5 Award ‘createFromTemplate’ web services request outputs. No


Entity information remains on the screen after DUNS Number is removed from a SAM Exception record. The entity information will be cleared from the record after a DUNS Number is removed, and the record is saved. No