V1.5 June 2018 Release



DescriptionStart Date End Date
BETA Installation 06/01/201806/01/2018
Government Acceptance Testing 06/04/201806/08/2018
Installation in Production06/18/201806/18/2018

Document Changes

DocumentationChanges Required
XML SpecificationsNo
Web ServicesNo
Data DictionaryYes
NASA Specific Data DictionaryNo
Use Case SummaryNo
Validation RulesYes
Atom FeedsYes
Online HelpNo
User ManualYes

SPR Listing

SPR #Enhancement/ProblemSolutionImpact to Users and Integrators

IAESAM-536, RTC-40660

There are certain exclusions that are no longer valid for the Small Business Goaling Report (SBGR). The following lists of exclusions are no longer valid for records with a Date Signed after October 1, 2017. The Small Business Goaling Report and Small Business Achievements Report will be updated.

1. Excluded Government agencies listed below:
- FDIC, 1500
- Postal Service, 1800
- United States Mint, 2044
- Federal Aviation Administration, 6920
- Tennessee Valley Authority, 6400
- Administrative Office of the US Courts, 1027
- Architect of the Capitol, 0100
- Bankruptcy Courts, 1021
- Central Intelligence Agency, 5600
- Congressional Budget Office, 0800
- Pretrial Services Agency, 959P
- Federal Judicial Center, 1028
- Supreme Court of US, 1001
- US Courts of Appeals-Judicial Circuits, 1002
- US District and Territorial Courts, 1012

2. American Institute in Taiwan: Awards with the American Institute in Taiwan designated as the contractor for the award and determined by a DUNS number of '161174503'.

3. Acquisitions with a Reason Not Competed value of "RES" for Resale.

4. Product Service codes for Utilities S112 (Electric).


IAESAM-558, RTC-39926

FAR Case 2018-004 increased the Micro Purchase Threshold (MPT) from $3,500 to $10,000 and the Simplified Acquisition Threshold (SAT) from $150,000 to $250,000. The dollar thresholds for the following Validation Rules will be updated to the new thresholds.

Micro Purchase Threshold increased from $3,500 to $10,000:

10C21: If the "Base and All Options Value (Total Contract Value)" is greater than $10,000 and if the "Contingency Humanitarian Peace Keeping Operation" is 'Not Applicable', then "Other than Full and Open Competition" cannot be 'Less than or equal to the Micro-Purchase Threshold'.

Simplified Acquisition Threshold increased from $150,000 to $250,000:

DOD10P01: If Base and All Options Value (Total Contract Value) is less than $250,000, then Evaluated Preference must be “No Preference Used”.

10J04: "Simplified Procedures for Certain Commercial Items" must be "No" if the "Base and All Options Value (Total Contract Value)" is less than or equal to $250,000 or greater than $13,000,000.

Workload Report:

The Workload Report in the “Sys Admin” section of Standard Reports displays Actions and Dollars broken into dollar ranges based on Total Action Obligation.

The logic of the report will be updated to use the increased thresholds of $10,000 for Micro-Purchase and $250,000 for Simplified Acquisition. The appendix, preview, workflow, and the column headings of the report will be updated with the new thresholds.



FPDS currently requires that vendors registered in SAM must be active and must have “Purpose of Registration” indicating ‘All Awards’ (‘Z2’ or ‘Z5’).

Vendors in SAM that are inactive or registered as ‘Federal Assistance Awards’ (‘Z1’ or ‘Z4’) must be allowed on contracts for emergency or compelling needs.

Validation rule 9A10 will be suppressed when a ‘Federal Assistance Awards’ vendor is used and the contract is for emergency or compelling needs. “Federal Assistance Awards” vendors have ‘Z1’ or ‘Z4’ for “Purpose of Registration” in SAM.

9A10: The selected vendor has not completed the SAM registration to include "All Awards" for "Purpose of Registration" (code Z2 or Z5). Please select a valid vendor.

Validation rule 4050 will be suppressed when an inactive vendor is used and the contract is for emergency or compelling needs. Inactive vendors are registered in SAM, but the Expiration Date in SAM is earlier than the current date, indicating an expired registration.

4050 - This contract is awarded to a vendor that is not active in SAM. Please tell the vendor to renew their registration in SAM before resubmitting this action.

Contracts for emergency or compelling needs must use one of the following appropriate SAM Exception values to suppress the validation rules above:

• Contracting officers conducting emergency operations
• Contracts to support unusual or compelling needs

A new validation rule will be introduced to ensure that a SAM Exception is not used when the vendor is active in SAM and is registered as ‘All Awards’.

9A11 - The selected vendor is active and has completed the SAM registration to include "All Awards" for "Purpose of Registration" (code Z2 or Z5). A SAM Exception cannot be used with this vendor.



National Defense Authorization Act of 2018 (NDAA) requires that the DoD collect the Date of the Solicitation. A new data element “Solicitation Date” is being added to FPDS.

“Solicitation Date” will be required for new (Base) DoD contracts issued under the following conditions:

(1) DCA, PO, IDC, DO’s referencing a BOA, Part 13 BPA Calls when “Solicitation Procedures” is other than ‘Simplified Acquisition’ AND the “Base and All Options Value (Total Contract Value)” is greater than $250,000

(2) DO’s referencing an IDC, FSS, GWAC and Part 8 BPA Calls when the “Base and All Options Value (Total Contract Value)” is greater than $250,000 AND “Solicitation Procedures” on the Referenced IDV is other than ‘Simplified Acquisition’.


IAESAM-560, RTC 43387, 23935

Users are unable to create a “Change PIID” modification on an Other Transaction (OT) IDV due to a validation rule that is firing incorrectly. Validation Rule 4062 will be fixed and only fire in business-services when applicable, to allow users to successfully create an OT IDV “Change PIID” modification.

4062: Original contract key is required to exercise 'Change PIID' option.


IAESAM-563, RTC-24995

An Other Transaction (OT) validation rule is redundant and can be removed. The OT validation rule OT2C05 will be removed as existing validation rule OT2C04 can be applied to both OT Base and Modifications.

OT2C04 will be changed to fire on both the Base and the Modification. This will eliminate the need for OT2C05.

The current validation rules are listed below:

OT2C04 - "Current Completion Date" cannot be earlier than the "Date Signed" on the base document. Fires on Base CAR

OT2C05 - "Current Completion Date" cannot be earlier than the "Date Signed" on the base document. Fires on Mod CAR



Through business services only, the system creates an IDV modification as a different “Contract Type” than the IDV Base, when a different “Contract Type” is provided. The system functionality will be updated to automatically convert the IDV modification to the same “Contract Type” as the IDV Base.

This will match the current behavior of Awards entered through business services-only.



When a user creates a “Change PIID” modification after a Transfer Action, the “Closed Status” incorrectly changes from ‘No’ to ‘Yes.’ The “Closed Status” will no longer change to ‘Yes’ after a user approves a “Change PIID” modification after a Transfer Action.

The “Closed Status” will only update to ‘Yes’ after a user approves a ‘Close Out’ modification or uses the ‘Close’ functionality.

A Data Management shall be executed to revert the "Closed Status" to 'No' and clear the "Closed Date" and "Closed By" on the affected contract actions.



As part of Version 1.5, all FPDS schema/wsdl files and references to http://www.fpdsng.com/FPDS were updated to https://www.fpds.gov/FPDS, except for the namespace in the Public and DOD Atom Feeds. The Public and DOD Atom Feed namespace reference will be updated to https://www.fpds.gov/FPDS.

Both Public and DOD Atom Feed users will be impacted and will need to make adjustments to their processing to expect https://www.fpds.gov/FPDS after June 18, 2018.

Below is a screen shot highlighting the incorrect reference:

Afeed namespace.png



Bundled and Consolidated Report is missing data where "Consolidated Contract" = 'Yes' The report columns “Consolidated A - Consolidated Requirements Actions (Includes 'Yes')” and “Consolidated A – Consolidated Requirements Dollars (Includes ‘Yes’)” are not including the ‘Yes’ value for “Consolidated Contract.”

The report logic will be updated to include the 'Yes' value for “Consolidated Contract” for the contract data to populate in the columns referenced above.



The Small Business Competitiveness Demonstration Report is incorrectly including records when the vendor on the contract has the value 'YES' for its business type (e.g., Is Vendor - Federal Government = 'YES') The report logic will be updated to exclude contracts with a 'YES' value for the vendor's business type, based on the report requirements. For more details on which vendor business types are excluded, please review the report appendix.


RTC-30692, 42722, 43251

The Recycled Content Product Purchasing Report is missing three values in the Recovered Materials/Sustainability section of the workflow. Additionally, incorrect percentages are displaying in the workflow. The workflow logic of this report will be updated to include the three missing values for the Recovered Materials/Sustainability section. The workflow calculations will be fixed to display the correct percentages for the summary view, as well as the correct Total Actions and Total Dollars percentages. No