V1.4 SP 31.0



DescriptionStart Date End Date
BETA Installation Monday May 30, 2016Monday May 30, 2016
Government Acceptance Testing Tuesday June 14, 2016Thursday June 16, 2016
Installation in ProductionFriday June 24, 2016Friday June 24, 2016

Document Changes

DocumentationChanges Required
XML SpecificationsNo
Web ServicesNo
Data DictionaryNo
NASA Specific Data DictionaryNo
Use Case SummaryNo
Validation RulesYes
Atom FeedsNo
Online HelpNo
User ManualNo

SPR Listing

SPR #Enhancement/ProblemSolutionImpact to Users and Integrators
IAESAM-353 (RTC-24707) A validation rule is needed for the “Country of Product/ Service Origin” field when the “Place of Manufacture” is ‘Mfg outside U.S. – Qualifying country (DoD only)’. A new validation rule will fire on the “Country of Product / Service Origin” when the “Place of Manufacture” is ‘Mfg outside U.S. – Qualifying country (DoD only):

DOD9H03- If the "Country of Product / Service Origin" is 'Australia', 'Austria', 'Belgium', 'Canada', 'Czech Republic', 'Denmark', 'Egypt', 'Germany', 'Finland', 'France', 'Greece', 'Israel', 'Italy', 'Luxembourg', 'Netherlands', 'Norway', 'Poland', 'Portugal', 'Slovenia', 'Spain', 'Sweden', 'Switzerland', 'Turkey', or 'United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland' the "Place of Manufacture" can only be 'Mfg Outside U.S -Qualifying Country (DOD only)' or 'Not a Manufactured End Product'.

RTC-24997 The “Domestic or Foreign Entity” field is not propagating correctly on a ‘Vendor Address Change’ Modification. A software fix was performed in the January 2016 Fast Path for the data element, “Domestic or Foreign Entity,” so that the field is no longer required on modifications and the value of the field propagates from the Base document to all subsequent modifications.

The two scenarios which were exceptions to this fix are listed below. The value for “Domestic or Foreign Entity” shall still be required on these modifications.

• Modifications where the “Reason for Modification” is ‘Novation Agreement.’

• New Base modifications following a ‘Transfer Action’ modification.

The correct functionality is not being applied to a modification when it is a ‘Vendor Address Change’.

RTC-25824 FPDW (ACC interface) appends the City/State/Zip information into the next blank address line in the address of an AAC.

Remove AAC City/State/Zip Information if present in Address Line 2. No
RTC-26558 Users incorrectly maintain a login session when utilizing ezSearch. A software fix shall be performed so that a login user utilizing ezSearch will no longer be logged into their original session. No
RTC-26568 The validation rule requiring the 7th and 8th positions of a DoD Award PIID to be the same as the fiscal year of the Date Signed is not firing correctly. A software fix shall be performed so the validation rule fires correctly when the 7th and 8th positions of the Award PIID does not equal the fiscal year of the Date Signed.

This shall apply to V1.4 and lower versions.

RTC-26597 The AAC processing logic was written with the assumption that all Activity Address Codes are unique.

However, there are old office codes which match an AAC received from the DoDAAD. The processing logic is updating these offices incorrectly.

The processing logic shall be changed to account for old offices which match an AAC received from the DoDAAD. No
RTC-26694 Currently, the Treasury Account Symbol field is required when the Initiative is ‘American Recovery and Investment Act’ or when the Action Obligation on the contract is any value other than zero ($0.00). The Treasury Account Symbol field will now be optional in all instances. No