V1.4 SP 26.0



DescriptionStart Date End Date
BETA Installation Thursday February 12, 2015Thursday February 12, 2015
Government Acceptance Testing Tuesday February 17, 2015Thursday February 19, 2015
Installation in ProductionFriday February 27, 2015Friday February 27, 2015

Document Changes

DocumentationChanges Required
XML SpecificationsNo
Web ServicesNo
Data DictionaryYes
NASA Specific Data DictionaryNo
Use Case SummaryNo
Validation RulesYes
Atom FeedsNo
Online HelpNo
Computer-Based TrainingNo
User ManualYes

SPR Listing

SPR #Enhancement/ProblemSolutionImpact to Users and Integrators


End Date the value 'Services pursuant to FAR 12.102(g)' (code 'C') as of November 24, 2013 for data element "Commercial Item Acquisition Procedures" (10H) 1. FPDS-NG shall end date the value, ‘Services pursuant to FAR 12.102(g)’ for data element 10H, “Commercial Item Acquisition Procedures”. The End Date shall be 11/24/2013.

2. The following Validation Rule shall apply on records signed on or before 11/24/2013.

10J01: If the "Commercial Item Test Program" is "Yes" then "Commercial Item Acquisition Procedures" must be "Commercial Item", "Supplies or Services pursuant to FAR 12.102(f)" or "Services pursuant to FAR 12.102(g)".

3. FPDS-NG shall display the following new Validation Rule on records signed 11/25/2013 and later.

10J01A: If the "Commercial Item Test Program" is "Yes" then "Commercial Item Acquisition Procedures" must be "Commercial Item" or "Supplies or Services pursuant to FAR 12.102(f)".



Add "Funding Department ID" and "Funding Department Name" to available filters in Ad Hoc reports. FPDS-NG shall display “Funding Department ID” and “Funding Department Name” in Ad Hoc Report criteria on the “Create Report” screen. The values shall appear in the following folders:

• Attributes --> Award-IDV Information --> Funding Source • Attributes --> Other Transaction Information --> Funding Source



Apply existing business rules regarding the Inherently Governmental Functions indicator to DoD actions

1. It is now mandatory for DoD to capture information on all Awards and IDVs with a Date signed on or after March 1, 2012 with a “Product or Service Code” as a ‘Service’ (PSC starting with A through Z). Below are the definitions of the data that has to be collected for DoD.

2. One of the following values must be entered in the “Description of Requirements” field. The following format must be followed exactly.

1. IGF::CL::IGF for Closely Associated
2. IGF::CT::IGF for Critical Functions
3. IGF::OT::IGF for Other Functions

3. Multiple values can be entered for IGF when actions are both “Closely Associated” and “Critical Functions”.

1. IGF::CL,CT::IGF for both Closely Associated and Critical Functions.
2. The order of the value “CL,CT” shall be interchangeable. Hence, the format IGF::CT,CL::IGF shall also be accepted

The following Validation Rules shall be displayed if an invalid IGF format or value is submitted:

6M16: An Inherently Governmental Function value cannot be reported for a base record with “Date Signed” prior to ‘03/01/2012’.

6M15: An Inherently Governmental Function value cannot be reported for a modification done against a base record with “Date Signed” prior to ‘03/01/2012’.

6M12: An inherently governmental function value must be entered as part of "Description of Requirements" for contracts signed on or after '<IGFstartdate>' when PSC is entered as a 'Service'. The value should be in the IGF::XX::IGF or IGF::XX,XY::IGF format.

6M13: Inherently Governmental Function value is not valid. Please enter a valid IGF value.

6M14: The Inherently Governmental Function value combination is not valid.

4. FPDS-NG shall extract the IGF value from the “Description of Requirements” field only if “Product or Service Code” is a ‘Service’.



Add "Funding Department ID" and "Funding Department Name" to Award Detail in Standard Reports

1. FPDS-NG shall display “Funding Department ID” and “Funding Department Name” in Award Detail.

The following reports are impacted:
• Awards By Contractor Type
• Contractor Search
• Orders Referencing Incorrect IDV
• Federal Contract Actions and Dollars
• Inherently Governmental Functions Actions and Dollars
• Other Transaction Actions and Dollars Report
• Procurement History for Market Research Report
• Total Actions by NAICS Report
• Total Actions by PSC Report
• Trade Agreements Report
• Buy American Act Place of Manufacture Report
• Geographical Report by Place of Performance
• Geographical Report by Vendor Location
• Bundled and Consolidated Contracts Report
• Buying Through Government Acquisition Vehicles Report
• Competition Report
• Competitive Procedures, but one Offer Report
• Funding Report
• Local Area Set Aside Report
• Performance Based Acquisition Report
• Purchase Card as Payment Method Report
• Recycled Content Product Purchasing Data Report
• Small Business Achievements by Awarding Organization Report
• Small Business Competitiveness Demonstration Program Report
• Small Business Goaling Report
• Sustainability Report
• Individual Data Item Oversight Tracker Report
• National Interest Action Report
• Rerepresentation Eligible Actions Report
• Rerepresentation Report
• Workload Report

2. FPDS-NG shall display “Funding Department ID” and “Funding Department Name” in the Contract Detail Report.

3. FPDS-NG shall display only the “Funding Department” to the following reports.
• Subcontracting Plan Report
• Contract Termination for Default-Cause Report
• Orders placed after IDV's Last Date to Order

4. Report preview shall be updated accordingly for each report.



Include "Awarding Contracting Department" in the drill path on the Small Business Goaling Report FPDS-NG shall display “Awarding Contracting Department” in the Drill Path of the Small Business Goaling Report and the column “Awarding Contracting Department” shall appear to the immediate right of “Funding Department in the report. No


Currently a ‘Foreign Owned and Located’ vendor can be a ‘Small Business’ in FPDS-NG. FPDS-NG shall display the following new Validation Rule when the vendor has Business Type of ‘20’ (‘Foreign Owned and Located’) and “Contracting Officer’s Determination of Business Size” is not ‘Other than Small Business’:

11A07: “If the vendor has identified themselves as Foreign Owned and Located, then the "Contracting Officer's Determination of Business Size" must be 'Other than Small Business'.”



New validation rules that state if A-76 is Yes then PSC code must be a Service, and if A-76 is Yes then Service cannot be inherently governmental FPDS-NG shall display the following new Validation Rule on Base records when “A76 Action” is ‘Yes’ and “Product or Service Code” represents a product:

Since the “Product or Service Code” is a required data element the above validation rule will fire on Delivery Orders and Calls.

8A25: “The "Product or Service Code" must be for a Service when "A76 Action" is 'Yes'.”

The A-76 will populate the value to the Delivery Orders and Calls. However, the following rule will fire on awards if the A-76 is Yes and the user enters an IGF valid value on the DO/Calls.

FPDS-NG shall display the following new Validation Rule when “A76 Action” is ‘Yes’ and Inherently Governmental Function is ‘CL’, ‘CT’, ‘CT,CL’, or ‘CL,CT’:

6M17: “If Inherently Governmental Function is reported as ‘Closely Associated Functions’ (‘CL’) or ‘Critical Functions’ (‘CT’) or the combination of ‘CL’ and ‘CT’, then “A76 Action” must be ‘No’.”

14673 The DBAN is not being retained when the user selects ‘Save’. 1. FPDS-NG will retain the “Doing Business as Name” (DBAN) on all final Base (Mod ) records when selected.

2. FPDS-NG will ensure the propagation is working correctly on all Modification records.