V1.4 SP 21.0



DescriptionStart Date End Date
BETA Installation Monday October 07, 2013Tuesday October 08, 2013
Functional Qualification Testing Tuesday November 05, 2013Thursday November 07, 2013
Installation in ProductionFriday November 15, 2013Friday November 15, 2013

Document Changes

DocumentationChanges Required
XML SpecificationsNo
Web ServicesNo
Data DictionaryYes
NASA Specific Data DictionaryNo
Use Case SummaryNo
Validation RulesNo
Atom FeedsYes
Online HelpNo
Computer-Based TrainingNo
User ManualNo

SPR Listing

SPR #Enhancement/ProblemSolutionImpact to Users and Integrators
FPDSHD-117314 (Rerepresentation Eligible Actions Report) The search criteria screen for the “Rerepresentation Eligible Actions Report” is putting the user provided dates back to 5 years. The search criteria screen for the “Rerepresentation Eligible Actions Report” will be fixed not to set the user provided dates back to 5 years. No
FPDSHD-101109 (Contracting Office Report) The “Contracting Office Report” is identified to have the following issues:

1. If the Funding Office is inactive and the Contracting Office is active, the Contracting Office is being shown as inactive.

2. For the Civilian offices, only the Contracting Office entry is shown, and the Funding Office entry is not shown.

3. About 20 DoD Funding Offices are incorrectly shown under 9700, but the Contracting Offices are shown under the correct DoD agency.

1. The Contracting Office Report will be fixed to display both the Funding and the Contracting offices with their respective details.

2. The DoD Funding Offices will be corrected with the agency from the respective Contracting Offices.

FPDSHD-112518 (Incorrect total dollars on the "Purchase Order" and "Definitive Contract" modification actions) "Purchase Order" and "Definitive Contract" modifications are adding up the total dollars from the "Delivery/Task Order" and "BPA Call", when all these documents are reported to FPDS-NG with the same PIID.

NOTE: This is only a display issue on the FPDS-NG screen, and does not impact any other functional area.

In calculating/displaying total dollars, FPDS-NG will consider the Referenced IDV PIID and/or the Document Type. No
FPDSHD-118313 (Deleted "Other Transaction" documents and "NASA Specific Awards") Deleted "Other Transaction" and the "NASA Specific Award" actions are not being captured in our Audit database table. Hence such deleted data is being retrieved by the FPDS-NG Reporting module. The deleted “Other Transaction” and the “NASA Specific Award” actions will be audited, so they are not displayed in the following areas:

• Other Transactions Actions and Dollars Report

• Adhoc Reporting

• ezSearch

• ATOM Feeds

FPDSHD-117796 (Advanced Search) Advanced Search is identified to have the following issues:

1. When performing a search by providing 'Errored Out' for "Status" and 'All' for "Award/Indefinite Delivery Vehicle Type", a System error is being displayed.

2. FPDS-NG is returning inaccurate search results when "Status" is 'Errored Out' and when other search criteria is provided.

1. FPDS-NG will provide a valid Error message to inform the user if a search may not be executed from Advanced Search.

2. FPDS-NG shall return accurate results when "Status" is 'Errored Out' and when other search criteria is provided.

FPDSHD-116836 ("Change PIID" action after the "Transfer Action" action) This issue happens only when the documents are transferred from inactive Transferring agencies to active Receiving agencies.

FPDS-NG is displaying the below validation rule, when the Receiving Agency does the "Change PIID" modification by changing the "Agency ID" to their active agency ID:

The value "<inactive transferring Agency ID>” for Data Element "Agency ID" is invalid.

The issue is happening because FPDS-NG is not validating the user provided value for the "Agency ID". The "Change PIID" functionality will be fixed to accept the user provided value if it is valid.

User provided invalid values will not be saved.

FPDSHD-120254 (Inherently Governmental Function (IGF)) The IGF validation rules are not firing on the "Delivery/Task Order" and "BPA Call" modifications. Software Fix: The following IGF validation rules will fire on the "Delivery/Task Order" and "BPA Call" modifications for the FPDS-NG actions "isComplete"/"Validate", "Approve" and "Correct":

6M12: An Inherently Governmental Function value must be entered as part of "Description of Requirements" for contracts signed on or after 03/01/2012 when PSC is entered as a 'Service'. The value should be in the IGF::XX::IGF or IGF::XX,XY::IGF format.

6M13: Inherently Governmental Function value is not valid. Please enter a valid IGF value.

6M14: Inherently Governmental Function value combination is not valid.

Existing Bad Data: If any existing data is identified with the incorrect combination of values, then it will be sent to the GSA PMO. Agencies can correct their data.

FPDSHD-114068 (Domestic or Foreign Entity) Standard Reports, Adhoc Reports and ATOM Feeds are not displaying the description for “Domestic or Foreign Entity”, although data was approved with valid “Domestic or Foreign Entity” codes.

This issue is happening only to the DoD data.

The FPDS-NG daily reporting data refresh process will be corrected to display the description for “Domestic or Foreign Entity” for the DoD data.

IMPORTANT NOTE TO THE ATOM FEED USERS: Mapping for each of the “Domestic or Foreign Entity” codes with the below descriptions will be required on their databases (the entire DoD data does not have to be downloaded again):

A – U.S. Owned Business

B – Other U.S. Entity (e.g. Governmental)

C – Foreign-Owned Business Incorporated in the U.S.

D – Foreign-Owned Business Not Incorporated in the U.S.

O – Other Foreign Entity (e.g. Foreign Government)

You can also refer to the FPDS-NG V 1.4 Data Dictionary to get the descriptions.

GSAPMO-428 (Other Transaction (OT) functionality to HHS) The "Other Transaction" functionality shall be given to the two agencies under HHS – "National Institutes of Health" (7529) and "Office of Assistant Secretary for Management and Budget" (7505).

1. The “Other Transaction” functionality that is currently available for DoD and DHS will be extended to the two HHS agencies, National Institutes of Health (7529) and Office of Assistant Secretary for Management and Budget (7505).

2. The OT specific data elements and the validation rules will start to apply for 7529 and 7505. Additionally, the HHS OT data will be retrieved from the FPDS-NG reporting module.

3. The "Other Transaction" privileges will only be granted to agency administrators of 7529 and 7505.

Yes, HHS only
FPDSNG-3669 (Auditing Information) Enhancing FPDS-NG to capture and store the Audit Fields.

1. FPDS-NG will be enhanced to capture the following fields in its "Transaction" tables for the purpose of auditing transactions:

• Prepared By System ID

• Last Modified By System ID

• Approved By System ID

2. FPDS-NG shall be enhanced to capture the following in Logs/HBase for the purpose of auditing transactions:

• Prepared By IP

• Last Modified By IP

• Approved By IP

• Request XML

• When a Civilian System ID is used with DoD Service Originator ID

3. FPDS-NG shall be enhanced to prevent successful Authentication when a Civilian System ID/Password is paired with a DoD Service Originator ID. The following error message shall be displayed (message code = 4051):

The userID and serviceOriginatorID combination is invalid. Please contact the FPDS-NG Support Desk.