V1.4 SP 17.0



DescriptionStart Date End Date
BETA Installation Friday December 28, 2012Friday December 28, 2012
Functional Qualification Testing Wednesday January 02, 2013Friday January 04, 2013
Installation in ProductionFriday January 11, 2013Friday January 11, 2013

Document Changes

DocumentationChanges Required
XML SpecificationsNo
Web ServicesNo
Data Dictionary Yes
NASA Specific Data DictionaryYes
Use Case SummaryNo
Validation RulesYes
Online HelpYes
Computer-Based TrainingNo
User ManualYes

SPR Listing

SPR #Enhancement/ProblemSolutionImpact to Users and Integrators
Documentation, Reporting and screen changes to replace the CCR reference with SAM The FPDS-NG documentation, Reports and the screen should be updated to replace all the CCR references with SAM. The following documentation shall be updated to replace the CCR referenced with SAM:
 1. Data Dictionary for V 1.4.4
 2. Data Dictionary for V 1.4.3
 3. Data Dictionary for V 1.4.2
 4. Data Dictionary for V 1.4.1
 5. Data Dictionary for V 1.4
 6. Data Dictionary for V 1.3
 7. Data Dictionary for OT V 1.4
 8. Data Dictionary for OT V 1.4.1
 9. Data Dictionary for NASA
 10. In the “Reference” section, “PSC, NAICS and more”
 11. FAQs – FPDS-NG
 12. V 1.4 Validation Rules
 13. V 1.3 Validation Rules
 14. In the “Training” section, FPDSNG Overview for 1.4 and 1.3 and User Manuals for 1.3 and 1.4.
 15. Help Files.

The following Reporting changes shall be performed to replace the CCR referenced with SAM:

 1. The Attributes in Ad hoc reporting.
 2. All reports that have an award detail.
 3. All reports that have CCR in the appendix.

The data element, "CCR Exception" on the FPDS-NG screen shall be updated to "SAM Exception".

Upgrade FPDS-NG Reporting to IE 9 The FPDS-NG Standard and Ad hoc reporting are not compatible with IE 9. The FPDS-NG Standard and Ad hoc reporting shall be made compatible with IE 9. The current report functionality shall continue to work as is. No