V1.4 SP14.1



DescriptionStart Date End Date
BETA Installation Monday May 14, 2012Monday May 14, 2012
Functional Qualification Testing (only with IBM)Tuesday May 15, 2012Thursday May 17, 2012
Installation in ProductionThursday May 24, 2012Thursday May 24, 2012

Document Changes

DocumentationChanges Required
XML SpecificationsYes
Web ServicesNo
Data Dictionary No
NASA Specific Data DictionaryNo
Use Case SummaryNo
Validation RulesNo
Online HelpYes
Computer-Based TrainingNo
User ManualNo

SPR Listing

SPR #EnhancementSolutionImpact to Users and Integrators
FPDSPMOS-114 Organizational Hierarchy FPDS-NG shall provide SAM with the Organizational Hierarchical details. SAM shall use the complete value to search for details. Here are the search-able elements:

1. Department ID

2. Department Name

3. Contracting Agency ID

4. Contracting Agency Name

5. Major Command ID (applies to DoD)

6. Major Command Name (applies to DoD)

7. Sub Command Level 1 ID (applies to DoD)

8. Sub Command Level 1 Name (applies to DoD)

9. Sub Command Level 2 ID (applies to DoD)

10. Sub Command Level 2 Name (applies to DoD)

11. Sub Command Level 3 ID (applies to DoD)

12. Sub Command Level 3 Name (applies to DoD)

13. Contracting Office ID

14. Contracting Office Name

15. Contracting Office Region (applies only to civilian)

16. Government Office ID

17. City

18. Zip Code – 5 digit code

19. State Code

20. Country Code

21. Last Modified Date

22. Last Modified By

23. Created Date

24. Created By

FPDS-NG shall send the following Organizational Hierarchical details to SAM:

General Information

1. Street Address 1

2. Street Address 2

3. City

4. State Code

5. Zip Code

6. Country Code

7. Government Office ID

8. Office ID

9. Agency ID

10. Office Name

11. Agency Name

12. Region Code (applies only to civilian)

13. Parent Organization ID

14. Parent Organization Code

Hierarchical Information

1. Organization ID

2. Description

3. Category ID

4. Category Description

5. Code

6. Hierarchy Start Date

7. Hierarchy End Date

Contracting Office Information

1. Whether or not an office is also a Contracting Office – true/false

2. Contracting Office ID (displays only when the office is also a Contracting Office)

3. Contracting Office Start Date (displays only when the office is also a Contracting Office)

4. Contracting Office End Date (displays only when the office is also a Contracting Office)

5. Start Date (Start Date of the Funding Office)

6. End Date (End Date of the Funding Office)

Audit Information

1. Created By

2. Created Date

3. Last Modified By

4. Last Modified Date

FPDSPMOS-115 FPDS-NG shall change from the "FedReg Daily Extract File" to the "DoDAAC Core Data File" for the FedReg load. The Defense Automatic Addressing System Center (DAASC) Trading Partner Number (TPN) interface sends information collected by the Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) pertaining to Department of Defense Activity Address Codes (DoDAAC). This information is disseminated as needed to DoD component systems and individuals as well as other agencies such as GSA. This is a daily file that is sent automatically to SAM.

Currently, FPDS-NG has been processing and loading the FedReg data by accessing the ‘FedReg Daily Extract File’ daily from BPN. There is a proposition from GSA that FPDS-NG should not be using ‘FedReg Daily Extract File’ anymore, and that the daily ‘DoDAAC Core Data File’ be obtained from SAM and be used.