V1.4 SP14.0



DescriptionStart Date End Date
BETA Installation Monday Mar 19, 2012Monday Mar 19, 2012
Functional Qualification TestingTuesday Mar 20, 2012Thursday Mar 22, 2012
Installation in ProductionFriday Mar 30, 2012Friday Mar 30, 2012

Document Changes

DocumentationChanges Required
XML SpecificationsYes
Web ServicesYes
Data Dictionary Yes
NASA Specific Data DictionaryNo
Use Case SummaryNo
Validation RulesYes
Online HelpNo
Computer-Based TrainingNo
User ManualNo

SPR Listing

SPR #ProblemSolutionImpact to Users and Integrators
Enhancement New Version will be released for Atom feeds Version 1.4.3 will be released for Atom feed users which will incorporate the following data elements
  • Contracting Department Name and ID
  • Contracting Office Region Code
  • Part 8 or 13 BPA/Call
  • Contract Version
  • Product or Service Type (Product or Service)
Enhancement eZSearch and ICD modules to export up to 30,000 records in CSV format


CSV limit will be extended from 5000 records to 30,000 records. PDF export limit will continue to be 5000 records. The following fields will be added to the CSV export

  • PIID Agency ID
  • Modification Number
  • Transaction Number
  • IDV PIID Agency ID
  • Contracting Agency ID


  • Modification Number
  • Max Order limit
FPDSIRB-129 FPDS-NG Validation to check the validity of CCR Vendors on Contracts

FPDS-NG will start validating the Vendor CCR expiration date against the date signed and/or the created/modified/approved (action/system) date on new Contracts.

If the Vendor’s renewal date is earlier than the date signed and the date when the contract is being created/modified/approved (action date), the following Validation rule will be displayed This contract is awarded to the vendor that is not active in CCR. Please contact the vendor to renew their registration in CCR before submitting this action.

This Validation is effective 03/30/2011 and will fire on V 1.4 stand-alone base documents, Novation, Vendor DUNS Change, and Rerepresentation type Modifications The operations and Document types that have an impact are ‘Create-isComplete’, ‘Update-isComplete’, ‘Approve’ and ‘Correct’, only if the vendor is changed.

  • PO
  • DCA
  • Cooperative Agreement
  • Grant for Research
  • Intragovernmental
  • Funded Space Act Agreement
  • Training Grant
  • FSS
  • GWAC
  • BOA
  • Part 13 BPA
  • IDC
  • OT Order
  • OT Agreement
  • OT IDV


  1. This applies only from the software deployment date
  2. This does not apply on non-vendor and Vendor Address change type modifications
  3. This does not apply for Delivery Orders, BPA Calls, Part 8 BPAs
FPDSPMOS-106 Add a new metric “Number of Records” to Adhoc reports Currently a metric “Number of Actions” is available for users. A new metric “Number of Records” will be made available for the users to retrieve the count of records.

A new filter “Last Modified Date” will be available as a prompted filter.

When running Adhoc reports, user will have to enter Date Signed or Last Modified Date.

These fields will primarily be helpful for Atom feed users who might want to consolidate their pull numbers with the Adhoc report

FPDSHD-71054 FPDSHD-71289 Contracting Office Name is not auto-populated on the Contract screen when it is end dated as the Funding Office

Funding Office Search on the Small Business Goaling Report is retrieving Contracting Offices as well as the Funding Offices.

Contracting Office Name will not be null if it is still valid as a Contracting office

The Office lookup on the Small Business Goaling Report Search screen will include Funding only offices and Funding/Contracting offices

FPDSPMOS-81 End-date dummy zip codes
  • FPDS-NG has ZIP Codes that have the “ZIP” and “ZIP + 4” information, but are not associated with any Congressional District, Country, or State. These “dummy” ZIP Codes are not valid ZIP Codes; however, they are active in FPDS-NG.
  • FPDS-NG shall “End Date” the dummy ZIP Codes with the software implementation date. Users shall not be able to approve documents with a dummy ZIP Code if the “Date Signed” of the document is after the “End Date” of the ZIP Code.