Standard Reports Enhancements- Phase I



DescriptionStart Date End Date
BETA Installation Wednesday Nov 2, 2011Wednesday Nov 2, 2011
Installation in ProductionFriday Nov, 4 2011Friday Nov, 4 2011


FPDS-NG will be enhancing the standard reports to have more data available with faster reporting speeds.


  • Users can search for up to 5 years worth of data. Once the report results are retrieved, Fiscal Year drill path will be available to allow users to still access one FY worth of data
  • Users will be able to export 30,000 records of data for further research
  • Report results should be retrieved within seconds

Reports considered for Phase I

  1. Federal Contract Actions and Dollars
  2. Procurement History for Market Research
  3. Awards by Contractor Type
  4. Contractor Search
  5. Bundled and Consolidated Contracts
  6. Funding
  7. Local Area Set Aside
  8. Geographical Report by Place of Performance
  9. Geographical Report by Vendor Location
  10. Buy American Act Place of Manufacture
  11. Contract Detail

Note: There will be no change to the functionality of these reports