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PSC, NAICS and more


Reference Data Source Information

The following table provides reference links for data elements in FPDS-NG used to report government procurement transactions. With the exception of the FPDSNG Project Web Site, IBM and FPDS-NG does not maintain these web sites links
Data Element Number Data Element Name Sources for Referenced Data
8G NAICS Code The North American Industry Classification System (NAICS)
8A PSC Code Product or Service Code (PSC)
9A DUNS Number Data Universal Numbering System (DUNS)
9B Contractor Information SAM (SAM)
9E Country Code International Organization for Standardization ISO 3166
9E Country Name International Organization for Standardization ISO 3166
9C Principle Place of Performance, Location, State, and Code Unites States Postal Service
9D Principle Place Of Performance Name Unites States Postal Service
9K ZIP + 4 Unites States Postal Service
8B Program and System or Equipment Codes This element is applicable for DoD contracts only.