Inherently Governmental Functions



DescriptionStart Date End Date
BETA Installation Monday November 26, 2012Monday November 26, 2012
Functional Qualification Testing Tuesday November 27, 2012Thursday November 27, 2012
Installation in ProductionFriday November 30, 2012Friday November 30, 2012

Document Changes

DocumentationChanges Required
XML SpecificationsYes
Web ServicesYes
Data Dictionary Yes
NASA Specific Data DictionaryNo
Use Case SummaryYes
Validation RulesYes
Online HelpYes
User ManualYes

SPR Listing

SPR #EnhancementSolutionImpact to Users and Integrators
Inherently Governmental Functions - Software Changes FPDS-NG needs to provide a method for identifying the records outlined in the OMB policy letter in a more efficient manner. Therefore, FPDS needs to create and implement a back end procedure to identify the following by means of a tag in the “Description of Requirement” field:

1. For actions closely associated to Inherently Governmental Functions: include “Closely Associated” in the “Description of Requirement” field

2. For critical functions: include “Critical Functions” in the “Description of Requirement” field

3. For other functions: include “Other Functions” in the “Description of Requirement” field

An XML tag shall be created for each of the OMB mandated categories. Existing actions shall also be identified and tagged. Users shall be able to easily query these actions by category. The tags shall be allowed for any action, created via any means. The information will be available via ATOM feeds, web services, Standard and Ad hoc Reports.


1. Civilian Awards and IDVs signed on or after 03/01/2012, having “Product or Service Code” as a ‘Service’ (PSC starting with A through Z) should answer whether the value of the "Inherently Governmental Functions" (IGF) is one of the following in the “Description of Requirements” data element:

 1.'Closely Associated Functions' (CL)
 2.'Critical Functions' (CT)
 3.'Other Functions' (OT)
 4.The combination of CL and CT

Note: IGF is optional for DoD.

2. Following are the allowable formats to submit the IGF value:


Validation rules shall be displayed if an invalid IGF format or value is submitted.

3. FPDS-NG shall display a validation rule to prevent the IGF entry if a valid IGF value is provided for a pre 03/01/2012 base document or a modification document done against a pre 03/01/2012 base document.

4. FPDS-NG shall extract the IGF value from the “Description of Requirements” field only if “Product or Service Code” is a ‘Service’.

5. This enhancement shall apply to the following document types:

 1.Purchase Order
 2.Definitive Contract
 3.Delivery/Task Order
 4.BPA Call

6. This enhancement shall apply to the following contractual operations:



For the existing data that are signed on or later than 03/01/2012 and that have a PSC as a Service, if the “Description of Requirements” field contains the following phrases, the corresponding labels defined below will be applied:

 1. "Closely Associated" - IGF::CL::IGF
 2. "Critical Function" - IGF::CT::IGF
 3. "Other Function" - IGF::OT::IGF
 4. "Closely Associated and Critical Function" - IGF::CL,CT::IGF
 5. "Critical Function and Closely Associated" - IGF::CL,CT::IGF

General processing rules for all of the above:

1. All words in each phrase must be consecutive (if an additional word(s) appears between the words listed above, they will be ignored. Only white spaces are allowed in between words).

2. Searches are not case sensitive.

3. If the word “not” or other negation wording appears, the contract will still get tagged as defined above

NOTE: If the “Description of Requirements” field does not contain the phrases mentioned above, then FPDS-NG will not tag such data. Agencies should correct the data.


1. ezSearch and ICD shall allow IGF search and display data accordingly.

2. Atom Feeds shall display IGF data in a separate tag.

3. The Award Detail for Standard reports shall be enhanced to display the IGF values in a separate column.

4. The Ad hoc report function shall allow users to search and filter for IGF values and display data accordingly.


The documentation for Data Validation Rules, Reports, ezSearch, ICD, Atom Feeds, FAQs, User Manuals and Schema updates shall be updated to reflect the details of this enhancement @

Inherently Governmental Functions Actions and Dollars Standard Report To report the Inherently Governmental Functions actions and dollars, a new Standard Report shall be created. INHERENTLY GOVERNMENTAL FUNCTIONS ACTIONS AND DOLLARS REPORT

1. This report shall be Government-wide and may be executed by the Federal Government and the public.

2. This report shall be included in the “WHAT” category.

3. This report shall display final service actions (when PSC is a ‘service’) for the following “Inherently Governmental Functions” values:

 1.‘Closely Associated Functions’
 2.‘Critical Functions’
 3.‘Other Functions’
 4.‘Null Inherently Governmental Functions’

NOTE: The actions whose IGF value is a combination of 'Closely Associated Functions' and 'Critical Functions' are counted in both the 'Closely Associated Functions' and 'Critical Functions' areas.

4. This report shall include all finalized base and modification documents for the following document types:

 1.Purchase Order
 2.Definitive Contract
 3.Delivery/Task Order
 4.BPA Call

5. This report shall offer the following search filters:

 1.From Date - mandatory
 2.To Date - mandatory
 3.Department ID - optional
 4.(Contracting) Agency ID - optional
 5.Organization Code - optional
 6.Contracting Office Region - optional
 7.Contracting Office - optional

6. The search criteria screen shall display the following two footnotes:

"From Date" and "To Date" correspond to the "Date Signed" on the FPDS-NG documents.

FPDS-NG started accepting data for ‘Inherently Governmental Functions’ with date signed on or after March 1, 2012.

7. This report shall offer a Summary report, a drill path and an Award Detail.


The Summary report shall offer the following columns:

 1.Department Name (Code)
 2.Total Actions (IGF value + no IGF value)
 3.Total Dollars (IGF value + no IGF value)
 4.Closely Associated Actions
 5.Closely Associated Dollars
 6.Critical Functions Actions
 7.Critical Functions Dollars
 8.Other Functions Actions
 9.Other Functions Dollars
 10.Null IGF Actions
 11.Null IGF Dollars


The drill path shall offer the following selections:

 1.Fiscal Year
 2.Contracting Agency
 3.Major Command Code (for DoD)
 4.Sub command Code 1 (for DoD)
 5.Sub command Code 2 (for DoD)
 6.Sub command Code 3 (for DoD)
 7.Contracting Office Region
 8.Contracting Office
 9.Vendor Name
 10.Referenced IDV PIID
 12.Modification Number
 13.Transaction Number (for DoD)


Award Detail shall be the standard version (that the "Federal Contract Actions and Dollars Report displays), with an additional column for the "Inherently Governmental Functions".

8. This report shall offer a Preview with a snapshot of the Summary report, Award Detail, Description and Appendix.

9. The standard Informatica features like Active Filters, Export, Send, Charts, Show/Hide Header and Footer, Workflow, Show/Hide Table, Show/Hide report data actions tabs shall apply to this report.

10. A Help File shall be developed to assist users with the functionality of this report.