Data Management SP3.0


Listed below are the data management fixes that was completed on June 4, 2010:

SPR #ProblemSolutionAwards/IDVs Fixed
FPDSHD-71699 Type of Contract Pricing use case for DoD was changed from ‘Mandatory’ to ‘Not Required’ during V1.4 effort for Version 1.3 contracts. Data fix to propagate the base value of Type of Contract Pricing to all Version 1.3 modifications for DoD 37,700
FPDSHD-71001 There are some USAID (agency code 7012) contracts that use the generic DUNS number, but the ‘Contractor Name from Contract’, ‘Vendor Name’, DBAN, Socio economic or business types do not match with the Generic DUNS Data fix to correct the ‘Vendor Name’, ‘Contractor Name from Contract’, DBAN, socio economic and business types to match details on the generic DUNS 16,300