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Interagency Contract Directory is a search engine providing users an easier way to navigate the millions of Indefinite Delivery Vehicles (IDV) records within FPDS. ICD enables agencies to explore the use of existing contracting vehicles that satisfy their requirements before developing and negotiating new contracts. ICD provides accessibility to interagency contract information that would assist contracting officers in fulfilling their contractual needs in the most expeditious manner.


ICD is a text based search that allows users to find results by entering any data element of a contract, such as: Legal Business name, agency name, contracting agency name, etc. Search results can then be sorted several different ways or narrowed down further by using ‘Advanced Search’. Users are also able to drill down to the award detail for each data element.


ICD is available to both government and public users.


  1. Access to ICD

          There are 3 ways to access ICD.

    • From the FPDS login page by selecting ezSearch
    • From the FPDS Home Page under 'Reports' and
    • By launching a browser and typing  in the address bar.


  1. Enter any text in the search box and click




  1.  Clears the search text entered in the text box.


  1. Thetab allows users to view all the active IDVs created on or after October 1, 2006.


5.   The search criteria entered in the Search field is displayed in the ‘Search Criteria’ to the right of the search results.



6.   The Search criteria can be deleted from the Search criteria by using the  button.


7.   The Sort By allows the user to sort the existing results is a variety of ways.


8.   The search criteria entered in the Search field is displayed in the ‘Recent Searches’ to the right of the search results.



9.   Clicking on the links inside the search results allow you to further refine your search and drill down to specific information. For example, by clicking on a specific Contracting Agency you will only see contracts for that Contracting Agency.



10.   Results can be exported in two different formats:

§          Provides the ability to save the data as a PDF.

§          Provides the ability to save the data as a command delimited file (CSV).


      * Only the first 5000 results can be exported using the PDF and CSV features.


11.   The Quick Help feature is available to provide navigation instructions. It also provides a link to the Help file.


12.   Refine your search as desired by either using the 'Advanced Search' options or using the drill down feature.

13.   Click 'View' beside the Contract ID to view the IDV in a new screen.

14.   Click 'Awards' to view all the associated Awards in a new screen. The new screen will display all the Awards that reference the selected IDV.

15.   At the bottom of the page, there is a drop-down menu that when clicked will configure the number of results to be displayed per page.

Advanced Search


The 'Advanced Search' in ICD allows you to do complex searches for an IDV by using different criteria.


1.       Click theon the top of the screen.  The 'Advanced Search' screen will be displayed. The user will be able to search from within the search results or perform a new search.


2.       Click the button to add search criteria.  A dropdown field will be displayed.



3.       Multiple search criteria can be added on the Advanced Search screen using  button.



4.       In the remaining fields, you may enter other information to customize your search. 

§         For most fields, you may use a % as a wildcard.

§         You may use the  to see a pick list.

§         You may use the drop down to select values

§         You may enter values in the text boxes provided against some fields.


5.       Click.  A list of IDVs will display.


6.       The user will be able to perform searches using the following search criteria.

    • CAGE Code
    • Contract ID
    • Contracting Agency
    • Contracting Agency ID
    • Contracting Department
    • Contracting Department ID
    • Contracting Office
    • Contracting Office ID
    • Contracting Officer's Business Size Determination
    • Fee for Use of Service
    • IDV Type
    • Legal Business Name
    • Major Program
    • NAICS
    • NAICS Code
    • National Interest Action
    • PSC
    • PSC Code
    • Program Acronym
    • Requirement Description
    • Socio Economic Data
    • Type of Contract
    • Ultimate Parent Legal Business Name
    • Ultimate Parent Unique Entity ID
    • Unique Entity ID
    • Version
    • Website URL
    • Who Can Use



7.       The following Advanced Search options should have  drop downs to be able to select for specific values

    • Fee for use of Service
    • IDV Type
    • NIA Short Description
    • Socio Economic Data
    • Who Can Use. If the value chosen is ‘Only My Agency’, then a text box should be provided to enter the Agency Name