System Admin

Review the list of common business scenarios to determine which report best addresses your question. Click on the FPDS-NG report name to view the help topic that explains the specific report. Reports also include Drill Down and Award Detail. The Award Detail provides the socioeconomic characteristics of the vendor.

Common Business Scenario

FPDS-NG Report Name

This report displays all the suspicious events that exceed a particular threshold.

Audit Procedures Report

This report displays the contracting offices for the federal departments and also identifies where they are active or inactive.

Contracting Office Report

This report provides the agencies with the ability to review contract detail data.

Individual Data Item Oversight Tracker Report

This report displays a list of active and inactive users.

List of Users Report

This report displays information on National Interest Actions.

National Interest Action Report

This report displays the awards that are eligible for Rerepresentation.

Rerepresentation Eligible Actions Report

This report displays the reason for contract modification as "Rerepresentation", "Novation" or "Rerepresentation of Non-Novated Merger/Acquisition".

Rerepresentation Report

This report displays the documents in Draft, Error and Void status.

Status of Actions Report

The Transfer Action Report is a Sys Admin Report that provides information on contracts that have been transferred. The report has the ability to drill down to the department, contracting agency, and other levels.

Transfer Action Report

This report displays actions and dollars for all federal government contract based on dollar ranges.

Workload Report