Contract Detail Report

Business Scenarios

This report is a Public report by PIID that displays the life cycle of a contract. It also displays the contractual data for the PIID specified. This report is ideal for answering this type of business question:

What is the life cycle of a contract? How old is a particular contract? I have a PIID; is there a mechanism for me to view the contractual details of this PIID, orders placed against it and also the modifications awarded to this, if any?

Using Advanced Reporting Features

For a description of the advanced reporting features available to FPDS-NG users, see the FPDS-NG Reports: Advanced Features help page.

Entering the Search Criteria

To see the report, enter the following values in the criteria fields:


 Search Element



Search Name

Contract Detail Report

If you wish to save the search criteria screen with customized information rename the Search Name field from “Default” to an appropriate label for the customized criteria screen. When you have completed this step click. The saved search criteria will be displayed as a link under the original report link in the My Reports section. Otherwise, leave this field as “Default.”


Ø      Complete PIID to be provided; wild card search with % not allowed

Ø      If PIID is a Referenced IDV, it fetches the respective data, the modifications and also the orders placed against it, if any.

Ø If PIID is an order (Award), it fetches the respective data and the modifications, if any.


Note : In this report, the orange letter fields with an * are required, and the black letter fields are optional. If you would like to narrow your search, enter data in the optional fields. This generates specific data based on your search criteria. Examples of the search criteria screen for this report is shown below.


Search Criteria Example