Validate an IDV


The Validation process reviews all fields in a form and verifies that they have been completed in accordance with FAR protocols. The validation process takes place after all of the required fields on the form have been populated.

  1. Enter the PIID in the Search field.

  2. Click .

  3. Click the IDV you want to open.

  4. Click to check all fields.  

  5. The validation procedure compares all data in the form against the validation rules.

  6. The field names of fields which do not meet the validation criteria are highlighted in red.

  7. Before you proceed, you must correct all fields and repeat the validation process.

  8. If the validation is successful, an "IDV successfully validated" notification appears at the top of the form.

  1. If you have the approval authority, click .  If not, notify the approving official that the form is ready for approval.