Type of Contract

Name: Type of Contract

Screen Name: Type of Contract

Definition: The type of contract as defined in FAR Part 16 that applies to this procurement.

FAR/DFARS: FAR Part 16; DFARS 253.204-70(c)(5)

Length: 1

Required: Mandatory


The following apply to all Awards and IDVs

A Fixed Price Redetermination

B Fixed Price Level of Effort

J Firm Fixed Price

K Fixed Price with Economic Price Adjustment

L Fixed Price Incentive

M Fixed Price Award Fee

R Cost Plus Award Fee

S Cost No Fee

T Cost Sharing

U Cost Plus Fixed Fee

V Cost Plus Incentive Fee

Y Time and Materials

Z Labor Hours

The following apply to IDVs only:

1 Order Dependent (IDV allows pricing arrangement to be determined separately for each order)

The following apply to Awards only:

2 Combination (Applies to Awards where two or more of the above apply)

3 Other (Applies to Awards where none of the above apply)

FPDS Legacy: Currently collected; PEC approved


Instruction: Enter the code that best describes the contract type.