Search for Migrated Documents


The Advanced Search feature also allows you to find documents that have been migrated from the original FPDS system.

  1. Click the on the top of the screen.  The Advanced Search screen will be displayed.

  2. To use Advanced Search, you must enter information in at least one or more of the following fields according to the search rules defined below.
    Note: If you do not enter information into at least one of these fields an error message will display. If you use a wildcard for PIID or Prepared By: (User ID), you will still need to enter the minimum number of characters for the respective field according to the rules below. 

  3. Agy ID - You must enter at least 4 digits in this field. The maximum length of this field is 4 characters. You may use the to see a pick list.

  4. PIID - The maximum length of this field is 35 characters.

  5. Prepared By: (User ID) - There is no minimum constraint on this field. The maximum length of this field is 28 characters.

  6. Legal Business Name - You must enter at least 3 characters in this field. The maximum length of this field is 80 characters.

  1. For migrated IDVs, the PIID is the same as the original contract number. 

  2. For migrated Awards, the PIID is a combination of the following: 

  3. Contracting Office Code. This code must be 5 characters long. Add as many leading zeroes as needed.

  4. Action Date. This date is in the format YYYYMM.

  5. Contract Action Type. This is a single character (A, B, C, D) that represents the award type (A - BPA CAll, B - Purchase Order, C - Delivery/Task Order, D - Definitive Contract).

  6. Order Number (if it exists), and the

  7. Contract Number

  8. Example: To find a Delivery Order created in October 1995 based on the following criteria:

  9. Agency - U.S. Coast Guard

  10. Contracting Office - 23

  11. Order Number - DTCG2394FTACX01

  12. Contract Number - DTCG2391DTTMB12

  13. The PIID would be calculated by the following:

  14. 00023 (Contracting Office ID with leading zeroes)

  15. + 199510 (Action Date in YYYYMM format)

  16. + C (Contract Action Type - Delivery Order)

  17. + DTCG2394FTACX01 (Order Number)

  18. + DTCG2391DTTMB12 (Contract Number)

  19. The resulting PIID would be 00023199510CDTCG2394FTACX01DTCG2391DTTMB12. If you wish, you may enter the entire PIID or a portion of the PIID with a trailing wildcard to find the document as well.

  1. Click .  A list of documents will display.

  2. Click the document you want.