First Time Using FPDS-NG Reports

Welcome to Federal Procurement Data System – Next Generation (FPDS-NG). Here you will find access to FPDS-NG data that provides details on the procurement activities of more than 60 federal departments.  Use the information below to guide you through using the reporting features in FPDS-NG.  Be sure to read the Successful Search Techniques section below prior to using the system.

What types of reports and search tools are available?

FPDS-NG offers access to reported procurement information via four different methods:

How Do I Get Started?

To get started using the reports, access additional help topics by clicking here.


Successful Search Techniques

The FPDS-NG system offers three features that can assist you in your search.


1)      Wildcard:  A wildcard is a character that can be used in a search to represent one or more characters.  In FPDS-NG, “%” is the wildcard character.   For instance, entering “COM%” in the search field will return anything starting with COM, such as COMpany, COMplete, COMmunication, and COMmunications.  Entering “COMM%” will eliminate COMpany and COMplete from the search returns.  Entering “%COM%” will return anything with COM contained within the word, such as dataCOMmunication.

2)      Ellipsis:  When more choices or search options are available, you will see the ellipsis look-up feature .  Simply click on that button to open a new screen with additional information/options.  You can also combine the Wildcard and Ellipsis features to narrow your search by typing partial information in the field and then selecting the ellipsis feature.

3)      Preview and Appendix:  In the “Add Reports” tab, you will see a magnifying glass icon next to each report name. This is the preview feature.  Click on that icon to see a preview of the report.  At the bottom of each preview is an Appendix which provides detailed information about the contents of the report.


Other Resources

For more information on FPDS-NG and how to begin using the FPDS-NG reports, download our training overview materials located here.  To manage your user profile, use the Change Info section on the main menu page.  If you have other questions, contact us at the FSD Help Desk at or 866-606-8220.