Referenced PIID

Name: Referenced PIID

Screen Name: Referenced IDV ID(includes the Agency ID and PIID For the associated IDV)

Definition: When reporting orders under Indefinite Delivery Vehicles (IDV) such as a GWAC, IDC, FSS, BOA, or BPA, report the Procurement Instrument Identifier (Contract Number or Agreement Number) of the IDV. For the initial load of a BPA under a FSS, this is the FSS contract number. Note: BOAs and BPAs are with industry and not with other Federal Agencies.

FAR/DFARS: DFARS 253.204-70(b)(1)(i)

Length: Variable (Maximum 25 characters)

Required: Mandatory

Values: NA  

FPDS Legacy: Currently collected; PEC approved


Instruction: Report the Contract or Agreement Number of the IDV against which the order is placed. When reporting the initial load of a BPA under a FSS, report the FSS contract number.