Reason for Modification

Name: Reason for Modification

Screen Name: Reason for Modification

Definition: The type of modification to an Award or IDV performed by this transaction.

FAR/DFARS: DFAR 204.670-1(b)(7); DFARS 253.204-70(b)(13)(iv)

Length: 1

Required: Mandatory unless Award Type or IDV Type is completed.


A Additional Work (New Agreement, Justification Required)

B Supplemental Agreement for work within scope

C Funding Only Action

D Change Order

E Terminate for Default (complete or partial)

F Terminate for Convenience (complete or partial)

G Exercise an Option

H Definitize Letter Contract

J Novation Agreement

K Close Out

L Definitize Change Order

M Other Administrative Action

N Legal Contract Cancellation

P Rerepresentation of Non-Novated Merger/Acquisition R Rerepresentation

R Rerepresentation

S Change PIID

T Transfer Action

V Unique Entity ID (DUNS) or Legal Business Name Change - Non-Novation

W Entity Address Change

X Terminate for Cause

Y Add Subcontracting Plan

FPDS Legacy: Currently collected; PEC approved


Instruction: Select the code that most accurately describes the reason this modification was awarded.