Adhoc Business Objects

Here you will find instructions for creating reports based on your own selected criteria.

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The HTML Report Panel Workspace
  1. Building queries

  1. Choosing a template to display report values

  2. Setting more report options

Building a Query using the HTML Report Panel
  1. Understanding queries and universes

  1. Building a simple query

  1. Running a simple query

Filtering Queries
  1. How query filters work

  1. Combining filters

  2. Editing and removing query filters

Defining the Structure of Reports
  1. Creating sections to group information

  2. Creating sections in a report

  3. Changing the order of sections on a report

Filtering the Information Displayed in Reports
  1. How report filters work

  1. Applying report filters to report data

  1. Applying multiple filters to a report

  1. Editing and removing filters

Applying Sorts and Breaks to Organize Report Information
  1. Sorting the results displayed on reports

  1. Using breaks to group information on tables

Using Calculations in Reports
  1. What predefined calculations are available?

  2. Inserting and removing calculations

Formatting Reports and Report Page Layout
  1. Using the Result Preview pane

  2. Defining page size, orientation, and margins

  3. Displaying report titles

  4. Aligning tables and charts on the report page

  5. Formatting sections

  6. Formatting page headers and footers

Formatting Tables, Crosstabs, and Forms
  1. Formatting vertical and horizontal tables

  2. Formatting crosstabs

  3. Formatting forms

Formatting Charts
  1. Available formatting options for charts

  1. Personalizing how charts are formatted

Downloading Documents

Saving documents as PDF files