Published Reports


Published Reports are used to generate a report snapshot from FPDS-NG.  The information provided on these reports is not real-time data.  However the report information is accurate for the quarterly report that is accessed.  These reports are designed to be efficient by only taking the user seconds to generate.


  1. From the Navigation screen, under the logo, click the .  

  2. To establish the use of published reports select the shown below.


  3. After selecting the published reports button the reports screen changes to display the My Published Reports heading shown here.


  4. Select to open the Available Published Reports Screen.


  5. To add reports in the from the Available Published Reports screen shown above, select the checkbox next to the report(s) you want to view.

  6. After you have made your choice(s) select .  The selected report(s) are added to the My Published Reports Screen shown below.


  7. Select the link for the Published Report you want to view.