Edit/Update a Government Office



The System Administrator uses the Government Offices Maintenance screen to update Government Offices.

Note: DoD System Administrators can only edit the “is Contracting Office” check box (and save) using this feature. Although once they check the flag they will be able to provide inputs for a set of date values and parent organization code. However, if any of the mandatory information is missing the user can enter it.

The following lists the steps to edit a Government/Contracting Office:



1. From the FPDS-NG home page, select under the System Administration section.

The following screen displays:



2. Select a code to edit. Either scroll through the list or search.


To search :

Complete as many fields as possible in the lower section to refine the search criteria and reduce the number of items returned.

Click located in the lower right corner of the screen.


3. If more than one code displays, select (located in the Select field on the left) to choose the Office Code to edit.


4. Click on the right.



5. Change the information as required.

6. Click . The following screen displays and the Government/Contracting Office is now updated.