Displaying Report Titles


You can display a title in a report. This is useful if you want to print the report, and distribute it to colleagues. The report title appears at the top of the report page.

Displaying a report title

To display a report title:

  1. Make sure you are in Edit mode and verify you are on the Format tab.
    If the Format tab is not visible, check the More report options check box.
    A document can contain multiple reports. The name of the selected report appears in the Current report dropdown list box.

  2. Leave the displayed report selected.
    Select a different report by clicking the arrow next to the Current report.
    The Result Preview pane displays the structure of the report.

  3. Click the Report area in the Result Preview pane.

    The report formatting options appear to the right of the Result Preview pane.

  4. In the Report Title section of the options, select Show report title cell.

    The Report Title area appears in the Result Preview pane.

  5. Click the Report Title area in the Result Preview pane. The Report Title Format options appear to the right of the Result Preview pane.

  6. Type the report title into the Enter text here text box.

  7. Set the formatting options you want for the report title:

    You can apply other modifications to the document using the tabs on the HTML Report Panel or run the report now to view the results.

  8. Click Run, if you are generating the results for the first time.
    Click Apply, if you have already generated the results once.
    The report title is displayed with the formats you chose.