Creating Report Filters


This section tells you how to create filters on reports, so that only the values that interest you appear in the report table or chart.

Creating a report filter

To create a report filter:

  1. Make sure you are in Edit mode and verify you are on the Report Filters tab.
    If the Report Filters tab is not visible, check the More report options checkbox.
    A document can contain multiple reports.
    The name of the selected report appears in the Current report dropdown list box.

  2. Leave the displayed report selected.
    Select a different report by clicking the arrow next to the Current report dropdown list box, and then select a different report from the list.
    You can create a filter on any of the objects included in the document. The objects included in the document are listed in the Result Objects pane. The selected report may contain some or all of the objects included in the document.

  3. In the Result Objects pane, double-click the object you want to filter.
    In the Result Objects pane, select the object and click the >> button.
    The filtered object appears in the Filter Pane.

  4. Click the dropdown arrow next to the list box to view the list of operators.

  5. Select the operator you need for the filter.
    What you do next depends on whether you selected an operator that requires one or two constants:

  6. Click OK.
    WebIntelligence adds the filter to the list of filters in the Report Filters pane.
    You can create more filters on other objects, and then combine them using And or Or.

  7. Click Run, if you are generating the results for the first time.
    Click Apply, if you have already generated the results once.
    WebIntelligence applies the new filters to the results displayed in the report.