Create a User


The User Management screen allows the Agency System Administrator to create, update and enable/disable Agency Users.  Agency System Administrators have the ability to read/write to their respective Agency User’s Profiles and assign User Privileges.

The Agency System Administrator controls and monitors Government Users for their respective Agency’s end-users. The System User is implemented, maintained, and controlled by the FPDS-NG System Administrator. The Public User is created in FPDS-NG upon registration. The Public User is monitored and maintained by the FPDS-NG System Administrator  User Types are defined in the following three categories.

  1. From the Navigation screen, under System Administration, click .

  2. FPDS will display a User Information screen that coincides with the user type you select. Click the appropriate user type:

  3. for Government User,

  4. for Public User, or

  5. for System to system interface.

  1. Enter data in the User Information section.

  1. Determine whether the user has the right to login to the web interface by placing a check in the Is Logon User checkbox.  If the Is Logon User box is not checked, the user will not be able to login to the web interface.  The user ID will only be accepted for batch transactions.

  2. Enter data in the Personal Information section.

  1. Determine whether the user should receive email notifications by placing a check in the Email Notification checkbox.   If the Receive Email Notification box is not checked the user will not receive notification on batch transactions or forgotten passwords.  

  2. Enter the rest of the information.

  1. Click .

  2. Click .

  3. Click the Privileges on the left that you want the new user to have.  If you select the Role, all the sub-privileges will automatically be copied.

    Note: If the user will be approving documents, you must add the IsComplete privilege to the user account or they will not be able to do so.

  4. Click to copy the selection from the Privileges Available to the Current Privileges side.

  5. Click .