Create a DoD User


The User Management screen allows the Agency System Administrator to create additional user account profiles*, update, and enable/disable Agency Users.  Agency System Administrators have the ability to read/write to their respective Agency User’s Profiles and assign User Privileges.

The Agency System Administrator controls and monitors Government Users for their respective Agency’s end-users. The System User is implemented, maintained, and controlled by the FPDS System Administrator. The Public User is created in FPDS upon registration. The Public User is monitored and maintained by the FPDS System Administrator. User Types are defined in the following three categories.


*System Administrators have the ability to create additional user profiles for Government users requiring roles within an additional Activity Address Code (AAC) than those already assigned to the current user profile.



Note: Data fields in bold indicate mandatory information.

1. From the Navigation screen, under 'System Administration', click 'Users'.

2. Click 'New'.

2. FPDS will display a User Information screen that coincides with the user type you select. Select the appropriate user type before entering any other data.


3. Enter data in the User Information section.


4. Indicate whether the user has the right to login to the web interface by placing a check in the 'Web Portal Access' checkbox. If the 'Web Portal Access' box is not checked, the user will not be able to login to the web interface. The User ID will be accepted for batch transactions and business services.


5. Enter data in the Personal Information section.

**The Email Address should be the same email address as the user’s account.

6. Indicate whether the user should receive email notifications by placing a check in the 'Receive Email Notification' checkbox. If the 'Receive Email Notification' box is not checked the user will not receive notification on batch transactions or forgotten passwords.  


7. Enter data in the Government User section.


8. Click .

9. Click .

10. Click the Privileges on the left that you want the new user to have.  


11. Click to copy the selection from the 'Available Privileges' to the 'Assigned Privileges' side.

12. Click .


Removing Privileges

1. Select the privilege to be removed from the 'Assigned Privileges' (right-hand) column and click using the lower of the two buttons.



Adding-on Privileges

If you wish to add a privilege from above the user’s top-most privilege, you may do so using . This function is usable only one-level above.



Removing Added-on Privileges

If you wish to remove an added-on privilege, select the privilege to be removed and click the top button.


Using the Government Users lookup buttons .




If you know the Department ID, enter it in the Department ID field and click the button. The system will return in the top window all of the agencies that belong to that department. If you do not know the department, you may click the search button and it will return both departments and agencies in the top window.



If you know the Parent Organization code, enter it in the field and click the button. The system will return in the top window all of the organizations that belong to that Parent Organization.





Searching for an Existing User

1. Click on

2. Clear screen using



3. Enter as much data in the fields as possible to narrow search.

4. Clear screen using

5. When results are returned, select user and click