Create a Government Office (Only for Civilian Agencies)

Civilian Agencies create their offices by using the following steps.

Note: DoD funding offices (DODAACs) can not be created through this feature. DODAACs are created when an update from FEDREG is sent to FPDS -NG with new office information.

To create a Government Office:

1. From the FPDS-NG home page, select under the System Administration section.


The following screen displays:


2. Click located at the right side.


The following screen displays:


3. Enter the Agency ID associated with this office. The Agency Name field is populated by the system.

4. Enter the Office ID, Office Name, and street address for the Contracting Office in Address 1.  Address 2 and 3 are used for post office box or suite.

5. Enter the City, State, and Zip Code for the Contracting Office.

6. Enter the Country Code. The Country Name is populated by the system.

7. Enter a Region Code if used by your agency.

8. Enter the Start Date. (This is the earliest date that a user may report this code in a contract action.)

9. Leave the End Date blank or enter the latest date that a user may report this code in a contract action.

The following fields are system generated and cannot be changed:


10. Click .


FPDS -NG saves the Government Office information. The following sample shows a sample screen display ofthe entry.

If a validation error occurs while saving, a message displays on the top of the screen. Also, the system highlights all fields in red which contain missing, incomplete, or incorrect data.



11. Correct the fields highlighted in red and click .