Combining Report Filters


The following section explains how to combine multiple report filters and apply them to a single report.  Before you can combine multiple filters, you need to create and define each filter.

Combining report filters in a single report

To combine multiple report filters in a single report:

  1. Verify you are on the Report Filters tab.  If the Report Filters tab is not visible, check the More Report Options checkbox

  2. Create the individual report filters.
    By default, WebIntelligence combines the filters with the “And” operator. You can leave the “And” operator or change it to “Or”. The table below explains the difference between the And/Or operators:


  3. To change the operator, click the arrow next to the drop-down list box displayed in the Report Filters pane.
    The operator changes to "Or".

  4. Click Run, if you are ready to generate the results.
    WebIntelligence applies the new operator to combine the filters and displays the appropriate results on the report.