Choosing a Template to Display Report Values

You select how you want to display report values on the Report tab.  


  1. Report tab this is where you choose a table or chart template and then allocate objects to specific areas on the selected template.  You also create sections on this tab.

  2. Result Objects pane displays the objects included in the document.

  3. Report Definition pane define the structure of the report here.

  4. Current Report select a report here to define its data content and formatting.

  5. Sections area add objects to this area to create sections on the report.

  6. Block type list box select table and chart templates here.

  7. Apply button applies a selected table or chart template to the report data and allows you to reallocate the data to different table cells or chart axes as necessary.

  8. Block preview allocate objects to areas of the table, form, or chart here.

  9. More Report Options displays additional tabs to format the report and organize report data.

  10. Back button returns to the Query Filters tab.

  11. Next button advances to the Report Filters tab. (The Report Filters tab appears if you select the More Report Options check box.)

  12. Run/Apply button runs the query or applies modifications, and generates the report.