Changing the Order of Sections on a Report


You can change the order in which sections appear on a report. When you view report results in InfoView, subsections appear below the section(s) they detail.

When you edit a report using the HTML Report Panel, however, subsections appear to the right of the sections they detail:

To change the order of sections, you move sections to the right or to the left.

Changing the order of sections

To change the order of sections:

  1. Make sure you are in Edit mode and verify you are on the Report tab.
    A document can contain multiple reports.
    The name of the selected report appears in the Current report dropdown list box.

  2. Leave the displayed report selected.
    Select a different report by clicking the arrow next to the Current report dropdown list box, and then select a different report from the list.
    The dimensions or details set as sections appear in the Sections pane.

    From left to right: the highest-level section is the first section on the Sections pane; the lowest-level section is the last section on the Sections pane.

  3. In the Sections pane, drag the object you want to move to the left or right of another section.

    Click the radio button next to the Sections pane, then select dimension or detail you want to move, and then either click the Move Up arrow or the Move Down arrow to the right of the Sections pane.

  4. Click Run, if you are generating the results for the first time.
    Click Apply, if you have already generated the results once.
    WebIntelligence displays the results with the sections re-ordered, as you specified.