Building Queries

You build queries by defining the data on the Query tab and the Query Filter tab.  

Selecting Objects

You select objects on the Query tab.



  1. Query tab - this is where you define the data definition for a document.

  2. Universe Objects pane - displays the objects available on the selected universe.  Each object represents a set of data on the database.

  3. Results Objects pane - displays the objects included in the document.

  4. Next button advances to the Query Filters tab where you can define filters to limit the data returned to the report.

  5. Run/Apply button runs the query or applies modifications, and generates the report.

  6. More Report Options displays additional tabs to format the report and organize report data.


Filtering Queries

You use the Query Filters tab to define query filters. Filtering the query limits the data that is retrieved from the database so that only the information necessary for a specific business need is returned to the document.