Inherently Governmental Functions  Print 

FPDS-NG shall mandate on all actions with a Product or Service Code as a 'Service' and that are signed on or later than 03/01/2012 to indicate whether they are 'Closely Associated', 'Critical Functions', 'Other Functions' or a combination of 'Closely Associated' and 'Critical Functions' in the "Description of Requirements".

The IGF values must be submitted in the format defined below:

1.         IGF::CL::IGF for Closely Associated

2.         IGF::CT::IGF for Critical Functions

3.         IGF::OT::IGF for Other Functions

4.         IGF::CL,CT::IGF or IGF::CT,CL::IGF

Pertinent validation rules shall be introduced in FPDS-NG.

A Standard Report, "Inherently Governmental Functions Actions and Dollars" shall be developed to display the IGF data.

Complete Release Notes is available at IGF Release notes