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New Web Services to accommodate PPA (Prompt Payment Act) Print

OMB is advising agencies to reduce the time for paying small businesses from 30 days to 15 days. FPDS-NG is providing a web service that finance systems could utilize in identifying these small businesses to assist them in meeting the Prompt Payment rule/act (PPA) issued by OMB.

Finance systems have the option of either validating a if a vendor on a contract is a small business or to get an extract of all the vendors matching a certain criteria through the following are Web Services FPDS-NG will be offering:

getCODeterminationOfBusinessSize: This web service shall service customers having ability to request CO business size for a specific contract by contract PIID and Modification. The web service shall return Vendor information and contract identification information. If a Modification Number is not provided then the data for the latest Mod shall be provided.

getListCODeterminationBusinessSize: This web service shall service customers who wish to download a large number of contracts based on search criteria for e.g. Vendor DUNS/Dates/CO business size. This web service can be used to retrieve the same information as that of the get web service for each of the contracts matching the search criteria. The web service shall return a download URL which can be accessed to download a list of contracts. Each of the contracts will have the same information as the response of getCODeterminationOfBusinessSize.

Details for the specifications can be found on the worksite section at CO Determination Business Size



Description Start Date End Date
Beta Installation October 08, 2012 October 08, 2012
Functional Qualification Testing October 09, 2012 October 10, 2012
Installation in Production October 19, 2012 October 19, 2012

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