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ISO - 3 Character Country Update Print

FPDS-NG is upgrading display the ISO 3-character country for Place of Performance Country (9C) and Country of Product or Service Origin (9E) data elements

FPDS-NG is upgrading so that only the 3 character ISO Country codes for the "Place of Performance Country" and "Country of Product or Service Origin" data elements will be accepted going forward. Previously we accepted non-ISO codes and converted.

Integrators should be prepared to handle the following impact:

  • XML Specifications will be altered to accept 3 characters (current max is 2 characters)
    • Country code of XSD schema will be updated to change the max length to 3 chars
  • Data Collection
    • Only 3 character ISO codes will be accepted through Business Services and GUI Services
  • Data Dissemination
    • The below Data dissemination points will be updated to return 3 character ISO codes
      • Business Services (For example: get service)
      • Standard and Adhoc Reports
      • Atom feeds
      • Data Extracts (generated going forward)

This upgrade is part of FPDS-NG Version 1.4 Service Pack 16.0 which is scheduled for production deployment on October 12, 2012.

If you have any questions, please contact the Federal Service Desk at 866-606-8220 or


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