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The XML Archives contain raw data. The archives are intended for use by users who have a great deal of experience with procurement data, XML technology, and large volumes of data. Use of the archive data without a complete understanding of the business processes, rules and regulations, and system information increases the risk of flawed analysis.

Organization linkage Information is not provided in this archive in order to honor the Federal Government’s licensing agreement with Dun & Bradstreet. If you need to discuss the availability of this linkage data, please contact Dun & Bradstreet Government Solutions directly at 800-424-2495.

Important Note: All XML archive files are stored in a compressed zip file format. We recommend users of the XML archives files use the WinRar utility to decompress the XML file archives. If you do not have this recommended utility, you can download the utility from:

The archive contains procurement data as well as additional NASA data (for example, financial assistance actions). The NASA data is not available through standard reports in FPDS-NG.

Individuals using archive data agree by virtue of downloading this information that they will not misrepresent the data provided. Misrepresentation of the data includes both intentional and accidental omission of rules, processes, exclusions or other guidance that is used to generate legitimate information. A few examples of misrepresenting data include creating a report that purports to show socio-economic information but which contains none of the requisite Small Business Administration rules and exclusions or identifying a vendor as being small or large without benefit of the business process and rules regarding size determination, vendor representations, vendor certifications, etc.

Upcoming Refresh Schedule

The Fiscal Year 2016 - 2004 XML Archives were refreshed November 6, 2015. Click Here for detail dates. The Legacy data (Fiscal Year 2014– 2004) is refreshed yearly and the next refresh time has yet to be determined in Version 1.4 format. More timely information can be obtained using the FPDS ATOM feeds. Click Demo for more information on ATOM feeds.

NOTE: You must click
here for very important D&B information. The new global vendor information will not be included in current archives

NOTE: XML conversion utility will not be supported for Version 1.4.