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Contract ID (Mod#): 70RFPW18DWA000003   (0)    (View)   (Awards) IDV Type: IDC
Part 8 or Part 13: - Multiple or Single Award IDC: SINGLE
Vendor Name (Vendor DUNS): CDA INCORPORATED (623707627) Referenced IDV:
Contracting Department (Code): HOMELAND SECURITY, DEPARTMENT OF (7000) Contracting Agency (Code): OFFICE OF PROCUREMENT OPERATIONS (7001)
PIID Agency (Code): OFFICE OF PROCUREMENT OPERATIONS (7001) Contracting Office (ID): FPS WEST CCG (70RFWC)
Last Date to Order: April 30, 2023 Ceiling Amount from IDV ($): $46,902,322.47
Dollars Obligated on Orders ($): $28,380,005 Ceiling Remaining ($): -$2.14
Website URL: - POC Email: -
Requirement Description: PROTECTIVE SECURITY OFFICER (PSO) SERVICES THROUGH... Program Acronym: -
National Interest Action: None Fee for Use of Service: -
Major Program: -
Type of Contract: FIRM FIXED PRICE Contracting Officer's Business Size Determination: SMALL BUSINESS
Socio Economic Data: -
Global Vendor Name: CDA INCORPORATED Global DUNS Number: 623707627

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