Welcome to Federal Procurement Data System – Next Generation


FPDS-NG offers public users unprecedented access to the spending patterns of the Federal government – at no cost.  Once you have registered at www.fpds.gov, you will have access to all actions in that have been submitted to FPDSNG from across the Federal government.


Prior to using the system, we recommend that you review the information on this page.  FPDS-NG is designed as a self-service tool for the public. You will find details on what information is in FPDS-NG and the many ways to access it.  Additionally, detailed Help files are available that describe how to get reports and generate your own. 


What’s in FPDS-NG?


   Contract Actions:



How do I access the detailed contract actions?


   Advanced Search Capability:



How can I find aggregate information?


   Standard Reports:



   Published Reports:



    Custom (AdHoc) Reports:




What’s not in FPDS-NG?



 How to maximize using FPDS-NG?


o        Additional reports.

o        Additional Advanced Search criteria.

o        General comments.


What are the highlights of the new FPDS-NG?


o        Many agencies now submit contract actions to FDPS-NG as soon as the contract is awarded.

o        Twenty-seven Standard Reports are available to the Public.